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PT Needs Assessment   

The creation of a Physiotherapy CPD program at UBC came out of an assessment of the continuing professional development needs of physiotherapists in British Columbia.  The needs assessment was a joint partnership project of UBC CPD, the UBC Department of Physical Therapy, the Physiotherapy Association of British Columbia and the College of Physical Therapists of British Columbia.

Key findings from the needs assessment:

  • Physiotherapists have an intrinsic desire to learn and participate in CPD despite the lack of formal requirement for CPD in BC
  • Physiotherapists express a desire for interprofessional CPD
  • Physiotherapists are similar to other professionals citing cost, and other professional and personal obligations as barriers to participation
  • Physiotherapists look to various groups for organization and delivery of CPD (the professional association, the College and the UBC Department of Physical Therapy)

Recommendations from the Needs Assessment

  • A shared model of CPD for physiotherapy will be a collaborative effort between the professional leadership groups
  • CPD formats need to be tailored to learning preferences and improve access for physiotherapists who practice in northern, rural and remote settings.

Summary report Continuing Professional Development Needs of British Columbian Physical Therapists (August 2014):

Please contact the PT CPD Coordinator Jan Lowcock ( if you would like any more information.

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