A certificate of participation or written confirmation signed by the chair of the planning committee must be issued to participants for all accredited/certified activities.
The physician organization is responsible for maintaining attendance records for a 5 year period for MOC credits, 6 years for Mainpro+ credits.

The certificate must specify the following elements:
i.     The title of the activity as it appears on the application
ii.    The name/logo of the physician organization responsible for the activity (and co-developer if applicable)
iii.   The date(s) the activity took place
iv.   The location of the activity (i.e. city, prov or web-based)
v.    Accreditation/certification statement issued upon approval. This will contain the maximum number of credit for which the activity has been approved and a reminder to physicians to only claim for what they attend.
ix.  Signature of the Accountable Physician/Chair of planning committee
x.   CERT+ session identification number issued upon approval (Mainpro+ only)

You may wish to use this Sample Certificate template or create your own.


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