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Virtual Sponsorship Guidelines

What is and is not permitted in a virtual setting? The same rule of thumb applies that promotion and education need to remain separate. Here are some specifics taken from webinars with the Colleges FALL 2020: Virtual-sponsorship-summary.pdf

Sponsorship Guidelines

The revised UBC CPD Guidelines for Support are based on the National Standard for Support of Accredited CPD Activities released jointly by the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada (RCPSC) and the College of Family Physicians of Canada (CFPC) in January 2018. The intent of the National Standard is to safeguard the integrity of accredited/certified CPD activities from the influence of sponsoring organizations that could lead to bias (separation of education and promotion). The revised UBC CPD Guidelines for Support outline principles specific to conducting CPD activities that are accredited and/or certified by UBC CPD.

Download: UBC CPD Guidelines for Support of Accredited and Certified CPD Activities 2020

Ethical Standards

The UBC CPD Guidelines for Support are also the ethical standards for all programs, as the first three elements apply regardless of whether or not a program has commercial sponsorship. The requirements for physician organization, scientific planning committee (SPC), control of content, financial accountability, and COI disclosures are covered in:

  • Element 1: Independence (from undue influences)
  • Element 2: Content Development
  • Element 3: Conflict of Interest

See what's changed.


Sponsorship management (templates)

Once the CPD program has been developed, sponsorship may be sought. For sponsorship requests, only the UBC CPD-approved sponsorship opportunities may be offered in the prospectus.
See Sponsorship Request Letter 

Sponsorship Agreements (Element 4.3)

The terms, conditions and purposes by which commercial sponsorship is provided must be documented in a written agreement that is signed by the CPD provider organization and for-profit sponsors. The sponsorship agreement reflects the sponsorship request/prospectus which outlines exactly the opportunities that sponsors would have for supporting an event. See Sponsorship Agreement

Sponsor Acknowledgment Statement (Element 5.1)

All sponsors must be acknowledged in a standardized way using the following acknowledgment statement:

"Funds in support of [Name of CPD activity] were provided as an educational grant to [Name of physician organization]. The funds were independently allocated and disbursed in accordance with the UBC CPD Support Guidelines, adherent to the National Standard."


Non-Compliance Procedures

Element 2.4: The SPC must have a process in place to identify and address instances where CPD activities are not in compliance with the UBC CPD Guidelines for Support, and UBC CPD should be consulted should any instances arise. If no process currently exists, the UBC CPD Non-Compliance Procedures (released November 2018) may be used.

See UBC CPD Non-Compliance Procedures

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