Program Evaluation

Participants must be provided with an opportunity to evaluate individual sessions and overall CPD activity. The evaluation system must provide participants with the opportunity to:

  • Identify whether the individual session and overall CPD activity learning objectives were met
  • Identify whether the content was balanced and free of commercial or other inappropriate bias
  • Identify the potential impact of the CPD activity for their practice (reflection)


Required Evaluation Questions

  1. Did the program meet the stated learning objectives:
    □  Yes            □  No         □  N/A     |     If no, please explain: (text box)
  2. Did you perceive any degree of bias in any part of the program?
    □  Yes            □  No     |     If yes, please describe: (text box)
  3. Reflecting on the program content, I am motivated to change my practice in the following ways:
    (text box)

(Optional) Did the program content offer balanced views across all relevant options related to the content area?

It is a requirement of the National Standard that program be evaluated for balance when therapeutic options are being discussed. The question is marked "Optional" for programs in which no therapeutic options are discussed (ie. faculty development, quality improvement, etc.)

(Optional) Can you identify any barriers to incorporating what you learned into your practice?

Required for Mainpro+ only: Develop a strategy to identify barriers to practice change. Using a question on the evaluation form to explore individuals’ knowledge, beliefs, attitudes, and behaviour is one way to do this.


Evaluation Questions that are no longer required

As of June 2018, these two are no longer required:

  • This CPD activity content enhanced my knowledge
  • Indicate which CanMEDS/-FM roles you felt were addressed



See sample Evaluation Form

You may also use our Speaker Evaluation template.

For instructions on how to create a robust evaluation for your program see the UBC CPD Planning Guide

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