Learner-Centered Objectives

A learner-centered objective is specific, short-range, and relatively concrete. It is not a description of the content of the presentation, but instead outlines what a learner will be able to do differently (what learner behaviour will change) if they attend the presentation. Learner objectives that address identified needs must be created for the overall event and for individual sessions, and be available to participants on the program brochure and/or handout materials.
What will the learner be able to do once learning has occurred?
Identify the inflammatory markers in AMD.
Recognize the predictors of diabetic retinopathy.
Describe the process of fluid detection by OCT.
Appraise difficult cases presented by members.

The behaviour is characterized by the use of an action word or verb. See list: Action verbs!

Avoid the use of vague verbs such as “understand”, “know”, “appreciate”, “familiarize”, “gain knowledge of”, “grasp”, “be aware of”, “comprehend”, “appreciate”, “study”, “become acquainted with” or “learn about”.



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