BC Rounds Calendar Training for Rounds Coordinators

The following online self-paced training resources are available for Rounds Coordinators to help with using the BC Rounds Calendar.

Training videos (click on the name of the video to open it in a new window)

  1. How to navigate the calendar
  2. How to create a rounds event
  3. How to edit a rounds event
  4. How to remind or invite your group to a rounds event


If you have additional questions about how to use the BC Rounds Calendar, please contact the BC Rounds Calendar Administrator at roundscalendar.cpd@ubc.ca.

If you have questions about how to use VC Anywhere (the online web conferencing program), you can find more information on the UBC MedIT Service Catalogue by clicking here.

To see the Grand Rounds schedule for all UBC departments please click here.

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