Hands-On Ultrasound Education Acute Care (HOUSE EM)

Hands-On Ultrasound Education Acute Care (HOUSE EM)

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Target Audience:

Rural Physicians, Family Physicians, Emergency Physicians, General Practitioners

Course Format: Entirely hands-on, interactive ultrasound workshop. Practice with live models and simulation equipment..
Rural BC

Invite us to your community,
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HOUSE has launched a website! Visit us at house.ubccpd.ca for more information.

What will I learn?

  • Classic and new indications for point-of-care ultrasound (POCUS) in your community.
  • Skills to empower your practice and stay on the cutting edge.
  • Applications to expedite diagnosis and treatment of urgent or life-threatening conditions.

What does the course entail?
The Hands-On Ultrasound Education Program delivers adaptive, innovative content and on-site learning customized for the needs of your community.  Select from a menu of ultrasound modules to customize a hands-on program.

Part 1: Online
Learners complete theoretical knowledge modules online prior to on-site learning.

Part 2: Hands-on Workshop
On-site learning, including practice using models and simulation equipment.



Hands-on training modules* include:

  • Ultrasound for Shock (8 hours): subxyphoid and PSL view, pneumothorax and lung point, eFAST, IVC, AAA, DVT, vascular access
  • Ultrasound for Trauma (6.5 hours): eFAST, subxyphoid view, pneumothorax and lung point, fractures, vascular access
  • Ultrasound for Abdominal Pain (4 to 7 hours, depending on need for FAST): gallbladder, FAST, Renal, AAA, ectopic
  • Ultrasound for Ambulatory Care (2 to 4 hours): bones, soft tissue, MSK, DVT, ocular, procedures

*all modules include a brief introduction to physics and knobology

Skills Gained

As a result of attending this program, the participant will be able to: • Manage the settings on the POCUS unit to optimize the images obtained through employing the basic physics of ultrasound waves; • Describe the theoretical knowledge required to perform the selected point-of-care ultrasound applications; and • Demonstrate competency in the manual skills required to perform the selected point-of-care ultrasound applications.

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Target Audience:

SEMP: Physicians practicing emergency care; also open to interprofessional teams of physicians, nurses, paramedics, and respiratory therapists

UGEMP: Emergency physicians, rural physicians, family physicians, pediatricians, intensive care physicians, anesthetists, trauma physicians, hospitalists, internal medicine physicians, residents, IMGs

Date: Oct 10, 2019, Oct 11, 2019, Nov 8, 2019
VGH Simulation Centre - Blackmore Pavillion
899 W 12th Avenue
Room 240 (2nd Floor)
Vancouver  British Columbia  V5Z 1M9
Target Audience:

Physicians and midwives who work in rural communities and provide obstetrical care to patients.

Rural BC
Invite us to your community,  British Columbia


Nicole Moon, Program Coordinator, at cpd.house@ubc.ca

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