Therapeutics Initiative: Bringing Best Evidence to Clinicians

Therapeutics Initiative: Bringing Best Evidence to Clinicians


Target Audience:

Family physicians, specialists, pharmacists, nurses, nurse practitioners, allied health professionals, residents & students

Course Format: Half-day of plenary talks highlighted by interactive Q&A time.
  • Oct 17, 2020
Broadcast starts: 0830 AM PDT

Online from Vancouver BC


Join us for this year’s virtual Bringing Best Evidence to Clinicians from the comfort of your office or home.

Therapeutics Initiative faculty and internationally renowned guest, Dr. John Mandrola, will review best evidence for therapeutic issues important to primary care and specialty medicine.


8:30    Welcome and Introductions
8:45    Keynote: Legacy prescriptions for cardiovascular risk reduction (ASA, BB, ACEI, statins): what we know (and don't know) 
           about lifelong therapy | Dr. John Mandrola

                   Learning Objective 
                  1. Understand the basics of the evidence base surrounding cardiac meds we use every  day 
                  2. Understand the challenges of external validity --or generalizability of said evidence to patients
                 3. In the end, the learner might come away with a heightened sense of the importance of clinical judgement and patient preferences--the two other
                 components of Sackett's model of EBM

9:50    Informed questions and careful observation will increase your sensitivity to adverse drug effects and help protect your patients 
           | Dr. Tom Perry

                    Learning Objectives: 
                    1. Observing patients carefully for adverse effects of drugs
                    2. Eliciting drug effects with skilled questioning
                    3. Knowing when to measure, record, and interpret changes in vital signs caused by drugs (low standing BP example)

10:15    Stretch Break 
10:30    We need to talk about tramadol | Dr. Jessica Otte

                    Learning Objectives: 
                    1. Understand the unique pharmacodynamics of tramadol, and how these translate into benefits and harms 
                    2. Compare efficacy of tramadol to other analgesics

11:00    Bupropion: the basis for its approval as an antidepressant | Dr. Cait O'Sullivan
                    Learning Objectives: 
                    1. Examine whether the extended release (once a day) formulation of bupropion is superior to older formulations 
                    2. Identify what is known about combining bupropion with other antidepressants from systematic reviews 
                    3. Discuss whether we should consider the potential for bupropion to trigger a prescribing cascade

11:30    A safety net with several holes: Oseltamivir for influenza prophylaxis| Dr. Aaron Tejani 
                   Learning Objectives:
                   1. Differentiate between influenza prophylaxis vs post-exposure prophylaxis (PEP) vs treatment as it relates to neuraminidase inhibitors 
                    (e.g. oseltamivir)
                    2. List the organizational, clinician, and patient therapeutic goals/expectations when using 
                    oseltamivir for influenza prophylaxis and PEP
                    3. Summarize briefly the role that unpublished data played in the understanding of oseltamivir efficacy and safety
                    4. Compare the evidence for oseltamivir efficacy and safety for prophylaxis and PEP vs previously defined therapeutic goals/expectations

12:00    Summarize Key Messages from the program & Closing Remarks | Dr. Aaron Tejani
12:30    Conference Ends 

Key Speakers


Keynote Speaker

John Mandrola, MD Cardiac electrophysiologist, Louiseville, KY. 

John Mandrola practices cardiac electrophysiology in Louisville KY. He writes and podcasts for the online medical news site, Medscape. In the last few years, he has participated in numerous academic collaborations. In 2019, he co-authored 19 peer-reviewed articles. His research topics range widely, from electrophysiology to outcomes and meta-research. His hobbies include running, cycling, hiking and reading.

John has been an extremely popular and lively faculty member on previous visits to TI courses in Vancouver and Kimberley, BC.

Thomas L. Perry, MD, FRCPC. Co-Chair, Education Working Group, UBC TI; Clinical Associate Professor, Department of AP&T, UBC

Tom teaches clinical pharmacology and internal medicine to UBC medical students and continuing professional development for doctors, pharmacists, NPs, nurses, or anyone else interested.  His outpatient practice focuses on pharmacological treatment of chronic pain and high blood pressure and reduction of pointless or dangerous polypharmacy.  He encourages use of videography to teach and learn about drugs and pathophysiology.  Since Covid-19 he has been adapting to online education using Zoom - which enlivened by use of patient videos.

Cait O’Sullivan, PharmD. Pharmacist, Education and Drug Assessment Working Groups, UBC TI

Cait O’Sullivan has a clinical pharmacy background in acute general medicine, long-term care, and community practice. She received a Bachelor of Arts from the University of New Brunswick (Honours, Medical Anthropology), a Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy from Dalhousie University, and a Doctor of Pharmacy Degree from the University of Washington. Cait has a research interest in the drug approval process and clinical practice guideline methodology.

Jessica Otte, MD, CCFP. Educational Outreach & Family Practice Liaison, UBC TI;Clinical Assistant Professor, Department of Family  Practice, UBC

Dr. Jessica Otte is a family physician in Nanaimo, BC. She has always been passionate about helping patients find the right health care according to the evidence and their needs and values, and she practices this daily with a focus on care of the elderly and palliative care. Dr Otte is deeply engaged in sharing this approach through continuing medical education, policy and medical leadership work, an active social media presence (@LessIsMoreMed), and teaching family practice residents.

Aaron M. Tejani, BSc.(Pharm), PharmD. Researcher and Educator, Education and Drug Assessment Working Group, UBC TI  

Aaron is a researcher/educator with the Therapeutics Initiative, a clinical assistant professor with the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences (University of British Columbia), and Medication use evaluation pharmacist with Lower Mainland Pharmacy Services (Vancouver, BC). 



  By Sep 15 Sep 16 - Oct 16 After Oct 16 
Delegates $99 $125 $140
Residents $50 $55 $60
Students $25 $30 $35

All fees are in Canadian dollars. Fees are subject to 5% GST.

Fees include: access to the live virtual event, all available materials

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