Routine HIV Testing in Primary Care Kamloops *Room Change*

Routine HIV Testing in Primary Care Kamloops *Room Change*

Target Audience:

Primary Care Providers in Interior Health including: Family Pysicians, Specialists, Allied Health Professioanls, Residents & Medical Students

Course Format: 90 minute pre-workshop online module and a 2.5 hour in-person dinner workshop.
Thompson Rivers University
900 McGill Road
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The Routine HIV Testing in Family Practice Education Team at UBC Continuing Professional Development (CPD) in partnership with Interior Health and From Hope to Health bring the successful series of in-person HIV Testing workshops to the Interior region. This initiative aims to support primary care providers in learning why, how and when to test for HIV, to facilitate the integration of the new routine HIV testing guidelines (released in May 2014) into clinical practice, and to link physicians to resources for connecting HIV positive patients to quality care. This educational program consists of a 90 minute pre-workshop online module and a 2.5 hour in-person workshop.

Complete the online module* prior to the in-person workshop. Follow this link: 

*Completion of the online module is mandatory for participation in the in-person workshop


Dinner 1730

Workshop 1800

Key Speakers

Dr. Rob Baker, Dr. Elizabeth Parfitt, Dr. Kevin Laupland, Ms. Jenna Ziegler, and Ms. Maja Karlsson

Skills Gained

At the end of the workshop participants will be able to:

  1. Describe the clinical rationale and evidence for routine HIV testing, early treatment, and treatment-as-prevention
  2.  Consider how to apply HIV testing recommendations to their practice setting  
  3. Recognize special circumstances for HIV testing and employ the correct testing regime
  4. Identify and utilize resources to support routine HIV testing
  5. Design a plan for integrating routine HIV testing into their practice
  6. Identify and utilize resources to connect HIV positive patients to care
  7. Describe how family physicians can support routine care and treatment of patients with HIV


Free. Courtesy of Hope to Health HIV Initiative and Interior Health.

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Target Audience:

Physicians, Researchers.

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