Improving Risk Assessment and Management of Violence

Improving Risk Assessment and Management of Violence

Online Course

Target Audience:

Family physicians, specialists and other health care professionals

Course Format: 4 to 5-hour interactive online module


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Improving Risk Assessment and Management of Violence

This online continuing medical education course will provide you with increased knowledge, skills and tools to more effectively assess and manage the risk of violence in your workplace and in working with your patients who may be at increased risk for violence whether in hospital, clinic or the community.

How to access the eLearning course

STEP 1: Login to

  • Click “Login in” top right or go directly to
  • If you already have a login for the UBC CPD eLearning site you can use the login that you had previously, otherwise:
  • Create an account by clicking  “Create new account” and follow the steps (you will receive a confirmation email)

STEP 2: Now that you are logged in, access the course

Skills Gained

  • Describe violence risk assessment principles, concepts and processes
  • Perform a violence risk assessment with a patient
  • Describe your legal obligations and practice imperatives with respect to potentially violent patients
  • Describe clinical interaction and interviewing techniques for promoting a safe, productive dialogue with potentially violent patients
  • Observe a video interview of a potentially violent patient using specific techniques and strategies
  • Describe violence risk management principles and strategies
  • Implement a violence risk management plan, including a framework of 8 questions, to manage potential violence risk with patients
  • Describe the effects of violence on the patient and others following a violent incident



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Target Audience:

Family physicians in BC, international medical graduates in BC, residents in BC

Updated December 20, 2017 

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