Hands-On Ultrasound Education Obstetrics (HOUSE OB)

Hands-On Ultrasound Education Obstetrics (HOUSE OB)

Point of Care Ultrasound for Pregnancies | Invite us to your community

Target Audience:

Physicians and midwives who work in rural communities and provide obstetrical care to patients.

Course Format: This course is comprised of a hands-on, interactive ultrasound workshop and online pre-learning.


We are not currently scheduling any HOUSE courses in 2020. Our team is actively exploring options for virtual or modified in-person courses that meet new safety guidelines, including a few small pilot courses. If you are interested in bringing one of these courses to your community, email us at cpd.house@ubc.ca and receive updates on when courses will be available.

Visit us at house.ubccpd.ca for more information and resources. Contact us at cpd.house@ubc.ca to invite us to your community!

What is the HOUSE OB Course?
The Hands-On Ultrasound Education Course (HOUSE OB) supports rural health care practitioners who provide obstetrical care to patients. You will improve your management of patients in the third trimester through hands-on learning sessions with rural physicians who are experienced in point-of-care ultrasound. 

What will I learn?
Improve your management of patients and answer these specific questions.

  • Is the fetal presentation head down?
  • Is fetal cardiac activity present?
  • Is the placenta a safe distance from the cervix?
  • Is there a normal amount of amniotic fluid?
  • Is there more than one fetus?

Skills Gained

As a result of attending this program, the participant will be able to:

  1. Use ultrasound as an adjunctive tool to clinical exam and history;
  2. Use ultrasound in a safe manner;
  3. Generate an optimal ultrasound image using basic physics and instrumentation;
  4. Demonstrate confidence in basic trans-abdominal scanning of third-trimester pregnancy for limited indications;
  5. Recognize ultrasound features of normal third-trimester gestation.

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Target Audience:

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Please contact Kate Meffen, Education Coordinator, for more information: cpd.house@ubc.ca.

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