15th Annual Pediatric Emergency Medicine Update & APLS

15th Annual Pediatric Emergency Medicine Update & APLS

Target Audience:

Pediatricians, Emergency Physicians, Family Physicians, Allied Health Professionals, Residents & Students

Course Format: Two days of plenary sessions and small group workshops
  • May 4, 2018 to May 5, 2018
UBC Robson Square
800 Robson Street
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The Division of Emergency Medicine at BC Children’s Hospital and UBC Continuing Professional Development present the 15th Annual Pediatric Emergency Medicine Update for Pediatricians and Emergency Physicians. The 2-day conference highlights the latest trends in the practice of pediatric emergency medicine in urban and rural settings.

APLS (Simulator-Mediated Advanced Pediatric Life Support) course is offered Thu May 3, 2018.


Fri May 4

0745 Breakfast
0815 Opening Remarks

0830 Pale Rider: Anemia in the Emergency Department | Dr. John Wu
0915 New and Improved: Practice Alterning Articles | Dr. Ran Goldman
1000 Refreshment Break
1015 The Royal Wheeze: Advances in Managing Asthma | Dr. Simi Khangura
1045 The Road Less Taken: Nuances of Pediatric Airway | Dr. Vikram Sabhaney
1115 No Brainer: The Latest on Concussion | Dr. Paul Korn
1145 Gimme Some Sugar: Hypoglycmia in the ER | Dr. Daniel Metzger
1215 Resistance Is Futile: Multiresistant Pathgens Encountered in the ER | Dr. Srinivas Murthy
1245 Lunch
1330/1430 Workshops (Attend Two): 
        A) Skin in the Game: Allergic Rashes | Dr. Joseph Lam
        B) Brace Yourself: Dental Emergencies in ER | Dr. Reza Nouri
        C) Pediatric dressing in the ER: How to be effective and still friends at the end| Dr. Erika Henkelman
1530 Complete Evaluations
1545 Conference Adjourns

Sat May 5

0800 Breakfast
0830 Greatest Hits: Update on Pediatric Trauma | Dr. Gen Ernst
0915 Left in the Dark: Managing Neglect in the ED | Dr. Michelle Clarke
1000 Refreshment Break
1015 Faint Hope: Syncope | Dr. Shreya Moodley
1045 Baby Driver: Pediatric Transport Considerations | Dr. Arthur Cogswell
1115 Snap, Crackle, Pop: The Latest on Bronchioliltis | Dr. Mike Seear
1145 At a Loss: Managing the Child with an Eating Disorder in the ER | Dr. Tara Tandan
1215 Seeing is Believing: Spot Diagnosis | Dr. Navid Dehghani
1230 Lunch
1330/1430 Workshops (Attend Two): 
        D) La-La Land: The Latest Tools and Trends in Procedural Sedation | Dr. Gary Andolfatto
        E) Without a Trace: Unique Features of Pediatric EKG's | Dr. Eimear McGovern
        F) Rage Againts the Machine: Ventilator Settings for Intubations in the ER | Dr. Arthur Cogswell
1530 Complete Evaluations
1545 Conference Ends

Pre & Post Conference Options

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    APLS (Simulator-Mediated Advanced Pediatric Life Support)
    May 3, 2018
    4480 Oak Street
    Vancouver, BC
    Canada V6H 3N1


    Designed to train physicians to assess and manage critically ill children during the first hour in the emergency  department. The aim is to help the clinician detect an imminently toxic child and institute treatment without delay.

    The course consists of:

    1. Presentations: pediatric assessment, maltreatment, surgical emergencies,  orthopedic trauma, and common toxins and poisons.
    2. Simulator-mediated practical skills stations: assisted and mechanical ventilation, advanced airway, vascular access intraosseous and central, and chemical electrical cardioversion. 
    3. Case-based discussions: respiratory emergencies, shock, Central Nervous System problems, pediatric  trauma, and neonatal emergencies.
    4. New: 2015 Resuscitation Guidelines highlight.

    This APLS course is unique in North America as it incorporates the simulator in the skills stations and small group discussions. The participants will work in teams on a pediatric and a neonatal  simulator to resuscitate critically ill children and neonates in various real life scenarios. The 2015 resuscitation guidelines will be reviewed and practiced in the simulated scenarios.

    Required preparatory work involves pre-reading The Pediatric Emergency Medicine Resource, Fifth Edition. Upon successful completion of the course, the participant will receive the American College of Emergency Medicine (ACEP) Certificate.  In order to obtain the ACEP certificate, the participant is required to attend all didactic and small group sessions and achieve 80% on the end-of-the-course written examination.

    Course $825
    APLS 5th Edition Manual (including shipping): $165


Early bird registration: Mon. Mar 12, 2018 | Add to calendar +


Save $10 by registering online! By Mar 12 Mar 13 - Apr 9 After April 10  & On-Site
Full Conference Rates
Physician  $449 $479 $499
Allied Health  $259 $289 $309
Resident/Student  $209 $209 $209
One Day Rates
Physician   $309 $339 $359
Allied Health  $209 $239 $259
Resident/Student  $159 $159 $159

Optional Pre-Course: Advanced Pediatric Life Support (APLS)

(May 3, 2018)

Course: $825  
Manual: $165 (Includes shipping)  
Cancellations and Refunds

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