53rd Annual Post Graduate Review in Family Medicine

53rd Annual Post Graduate Review in Family Medicine


Target Audience:

Family Physicians, Nurse Pracitioners, Residents/Students

Course Format: Group lectures and elective interactive workshops.
  • Feb 22, 2018 to Feb 24, 2018
The Vancouver Marriott Pinnacle Downtown Hotel
1128 West Hastings Street
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This comprehensive three-day review course (Thu-Sat) offers an update of knowledge central to the practice of family medicine in both rural and urban settings. Committed to addressing everyday practical issues, speakers present equally on current and special areas of concern to the primary health care professional.

To complement a morning of group lectures, afternoons include a series of elective interactive workshops which allow conference attendees to customize their learning experience.


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Thu Feb 22, 2018 Pediatrics & Women's Health

Moderators: Dr. Simon Moore & Dr. Laura Knebel

0700 Continental Breakfast, Registration Opens       
0815 Welcome & Opening Remarks - Dr. David Hall
0830 Top Pediatric Articles That Changed My Practice - Dr. Paul Thiessen
0855 Childhood Vaccination Update - Dr. Meena Dawar
0920 Pediatric Allergies: Who Really Needs Allergy Testing? - Dr. Edmond Chan
0945 Intermission       
1015 Managing Constipation In Children - Dr. Mark Kovacs
1040 IUDs - An Update (Including the Mirena Controversy) - Dr. Nicole Todd
1105 Menopause Management: Best Practices - Dr. Omolayo Famuyide
1130 Medical Abortion: Practicing In the Mifepristone Era - Dr. Renee Hall
1200 Lunch Buffet
1300 Ballroom walls close to prepare for the workshops 
1315 Small Group Workshops I (Choose 2)
    A    Commonly-Missed Gynecology Concerns - Dr. Hanna Ezzat
    B    Not Just a Sprain - Red Flags for MSK Injuries in Children - Dr. Badri Narayan
    C    Infant Sleep - A Review of Current Thinking - Dr. Keyvan Hadad
    D    Common Pediatric Rashes - Dr. James Bergman
    E    Workup of Chest Pain in Women - Dr. Tara Sedlak
    F    Osteoporosis: Screening and Managment - Dr. Iman Hemmati
    G    Pediatric Obesity - What You Can do In Your Office to Make a Difference - Dr. Mary Hichliffe
    H    *Troubleshooting IUD Insertions - New Guidelines & Endometrial Biopsies (2.5 hours - DOES NOT REPEAT) - Dr. Renee Hall & Dr. Mei-Ling Wiedmeyer
1415 Intermission       
1430 Repeat of Small Group Workshops I (Except H)
1530 Time for Evaluations & Adjourn        

*Troubleshooting IUD Insertions - New Guidelines and Endometrial Biopsies
6.0 Mainpro+ (3 credits/hr: 2.5 hrs in class + Pre-Workshop Needs Assessment, Post Workshop Test and Reflective Exercise)
Additional Cost: $200.00
Any physician who can insert an IUD can also do an endometrial biopsy. This will allow you to investigate your patients with suspicious peri-menopausal or post-menopausal bleeding and quickly rule out endometrial cancer.
Learning Objectives:

  • Use an intra-cervical block
  • Troubleshoot difficult insertions
  • Provide endometrial biopsies

Fri Feb 23, 2018 Internal Medicine & Geriatrics

Moderators: Dr. Marla Gordon & Dr. Sarah Stone

**Earlier start**

0700 Continental Breakfast, Registration Opens       
**0800 Welcome & Housekeeping  

0805 New Diabetes Drugs: Which Ones Actually Prevent Cardiovascular Events? - Dr. Breay Paty
0830 Numbness & Tingling: What Not to Miss &How to Manage - Dr. Kristine Chapman
0855 2018 Update on Hepatitis B – Screening & New Therapies - Dr. Eric Yoshida
0920 A Plethora of Puffers: Which of the New Inhalers Should I Be Prescribing? - Dr. Pearce Wilcox
0945 Intermission
1015 "My Top Pearls of The Year” for Family Practice - Dr. Simon Moore
1040 De-prescribing PPIs - New Guidelines - Dr. James Gray
1105 Top 5 Articles That Changed My Practice - Dr. Steve Wong
1130 Lunch Buffet
1200 Lunch Presentation: Physician Health - Reducing Burnout - Self Care - Dr. Andrew Clarke
1245 Ballroom walls close to prepare for the workshops
1300 Small Group Workshops II (Choose 2)
     I    Anticoagulation – Evidence Based Review of New Agents - Dr. Aaron Tejani
    J    The Latest For Lipids: PCSK9 Inhibitors - Dr. Cait O’Sullivan
    K   Geriatric Rashes - Dr. Simon Se Mang Wong
    L    Biologics - What Family Doctors Need to Know - Dr. Jennifer Corpuz
    M   De-prescribing For the Elderly: How to Reduce Physician & Patient Hesitations - Dr. Maria Chung
    N   Treatment Resistant Hypertension - Dr. Laura Kuyper
    O   Geriatrics: Frailty Assessment in Family Practice - Dr. Amanda Hill
1400 Intermission
1415 Repeat of Small Group Workshops II
1515 Time for Evaluations & Adjourn

Sat Feb 24, 2018 Potpourri

Moderators: Dr. Elise Balaisis & Dr. Steven Yau

0730 Continental Breakfast, Registration Opens       
0815 Welcome & Housekeeping     
0830 Tips on Managing Personality Disorders in Family Practice - Dr. Carl Wiebe
0855 Review of New Opioid Guidelines - Tapering Opioids: A Patient-Centred Appraoch - Dr. Karen Shklanka
0920 CMPA Update: Top GP Medico-Legal Pitfalls - Dr. Shena Riff
0945 Intermission       
1015 MAID (Medical Assistance in Dying) - Guidelines & Common Cases - Dr. Shena Riff
1040 Advanced Care Planning – How To Do This With Your Patients in Your Office - Dr. Martha Donnelly
1105 MSK Under MSP: Interventional Options for Tendinopathies - Barbotage, Prolotherapy - Dr. Jason Crookham
1130 Management of Common Anorectal Problems - Dr. Terry Phang
1200 Lunch Buffet      
1300 Ballroom walls close to prepare for the workshops     
1315 Small Group Workshops III (Choose 2)
    Q    “But I Don't Do Addiction Medicine?!” - Addiction Basics - Dr. Annabel Mead
    R    Three CBT Tricks for Family Doctors - We Promise No Role Playing  :-) - Dr. Bruce Hobson
    S    Lung Cancer Screening Guidelines - Dr. Janice Leung
    T    Billing for Family Physicians (2 hours - DOES NOT REPEAT) - Dr. Tracy Monk
    U    Non-Pharmacologic Treatments For Chronic Low Back Pain - Is There Any Evidence For Effectiveness? - Dr. Hugh Anton
    V    Onychomycosis & Other Fungal Nail Disorders - Dr. Brian Kunimoto
    W   Visual Diagnosis in Emergency Medicine - Dr. Daniel Kim
1415 Intermission       
1430 Repeat of Small Group Workshops III  (Except T)       
1530 Time for Evaluations & Conference Ends



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Registration Fee

Full Conference $799
Two Days $549
One Day $339

Additional Fee on Optional Workshop

Thu Feb 22 - Troubleshooting IUD Insertions - $200.00

Cancellations and Refunds


The Vancouver Marriott Pinnacle Downtown Hotel
1128 West Hastings Street
Vancouver  British Columbia  V6E 4R5

T: 1.800.207.4150

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