St. Paul's Emergency Medicine Update 2017 #CPDStPauls

St. Paul's Emergency Medicine Update 2017 #CPDStPauls

Target Audience:

Anyone who is providing Emergency Care: rural to urban; part-time to full-time; residents to seasoned veterans; Emergency Nurses; Nurse Practitioners; Paramedics; others with an interest in emergency medicine

Course Format: Lots of pre-conference workshops; plenary sessions; a conference break each day, interactive workshops on Saturday, interactive concurrent sessions on Fri and Sun
Whistler Conference Centre
4010 Whistler Way
Whistler BC
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Join us for the 15th Annual St. Paul’s Emergency Medicine Update - guaranteed to be more exciting than having free HBO! Four incredible days of learning, networking and of course, recreation!

Join the conversation #CPDStPauls.


Thu, Sep 28

1715 Welcome & Opening Remarks
1730 UTI’s in the ED: ‘I didn’t each that much asparagus’ Robert Stenstrom
1745 DKA Update: ‘What’s that fruity scent...eau de hypovolemic arrest?’ Erin Kenny
1800 Bleeding on NOACs: ‘Seeing red’ David Barbic
1815 Cardiac Arrest Resuscitation Update: ‘Don’t just do something, stand there!’ Brian Grunau
1830 Question & Answer Period
1845 Refreshment Break and Exhibits
1900 KEYNOTE: Annual Literature Review Grant Innes
1945 Question & Answer Period
2000 Opening Reception—Whistler Conference Centre 

Fri, Sep 29

0700 Breakfast, Registration & Exhibits
0800 Pediatric Analgesia: ‘Narcs for tots’ Vikram Sabhaney
0825 The Limping Child: ‘Walkers with training wheels’ Badrinath Narayan
0850 Dislocations Made Easy: ‘’Without getting your nose outta joint’ Arun Sayal
0915 Question & Answer Period
0930 Refreshment Break & Exhibits
0945 Concurrent Sessions - each session runs twice; pre-registration not necessary
i Trauma Cases Joseph Haegert
ii Common Infectious Diseases:  Myths and Pitfalls in the ED Mary Kestler
iii Paediatric Resuscitation Mary Bennett
iv Cases in the Difficult Airway Omer Yusuf
v Digital Emergency Medicine Tools for the Emergency Physician Kendall Ho
1035 Move to Next Concurrent Session
1045 Concurrent Sessions Repeat
1135 Conference Break for Activities
1530 Refreshment Break & Exhibits
1600 Paediatric Literature Review: ‘’The small print’ Ran Goldman
1625 Toxicology: ‘Stuff your spouse won’t ever taste in cereal’ Christopher DeWitt
1650 Question & Answer Period
1700 Bowel Emergencies: ‘Tainted Mexican Food and no bathroom in sight’ Brian Lahiffe
1725 ED Ultrasound for Bowel Obstruction: ‘What borborygmi looks like’ Oron Frenkel
1750 Question & Answer Period
1805 Refreshment Break & Exhibits
1820-1905 KEYNOTE: Trauma Resuscitation Update Kenji Inaba

Sat, Sep 30

0700 Breakfast, Registration & Exhibits
0800 50 Min Case Based Workshops: 0800-0850 & all repeat from 0900-0950
A Rural Emergencies Trina Larsen Soles
B OB/GYN Cases Shannon O’Donnell
C Prodedural Sedation Nick Balfour
D Teaching in the ED Kevin Clark
E Paediatric MSK Radiology Lila Yewchuk
F Regional Anaesthesia Al Tober & Mattias Berg
110 Min Hands-On Workshops: 0800-0950 & all repeat from 1010-1200
G Transvenous Pacemakers Lee Graham
H Plastic Procedures and Wound Closure Krystaleah Lindsay & Kevin Bush
I Dental Skills Sunil Mangal & Marc Paris
J Ophthalmology Cases Heather O’Donnell
K Basic ED Ultrasound Christine Henderson
L Advanced ED Ultrasound Oron Frenkel
0900 Workshops A through F repeat
0950 Refreshment Break & Exhibits
1010 50 Min Case Based Workshops: 1010-1100 & all repeat from 1110-1200
110 Min Hands on Workshops G-K all repeat from 0800 session
M Wilderness Medicine Alec Ritchie
N ECGs Aaron Davison
O Commonly Missed Fractures Matt Petrie
P Dermatology Cases from the ED Sheila Au
Q ENT Cases Dinesh Krishna
R Airway Navdeep Grewal
1200 Conference Break for Activities
1530 Refreshment Break & Exhibits
1600 Chronic Pain in the ED: ‘The bane of all our existences’ Ric Arseneau
1625 Burns Update: ‘Fireworks with short fuses’ Anthony Papp
1650 Question & Answer Period
1705 Running Codes on No Code Patients: ‘30:2:5 rule...30 compression, 2 breaths, then 5 coffee break’ David Williscroft
1730 M&M Cases from the St. Paul’s Hospital ED: ‘I plead the Fifth’ Daniel Kalla
1755 Question & Answer Period
1805 Stretch Break & Exhibits
1825 KEYNOTE: HIV Treatment as Prevention: A Made-in-BC Strategy to End the AIDS Pandemic Julio Montaner
1910 Question & Answer Period
1930 Evening Free 

Sun, Oct 1

0700 Breakfast & Registration 
0800 Concurrent Sessions - each session runs twice; pre-registration not necessary
vi ACS Cases Jeff Eppler
vii Sports Medicine Cases Nicholas Rose
viii Forensic Emergencies Tracy Pickett
ix Adolescent Psychiatric Emergencies Tyler Black
0850 Move to Next Concurrent Session
0900 Concurrent Sessions Repeat

0950 Refreshment Break

1010 CHF Update: ‘Drowning Inside’ Julian Marsden
1035 Opioid Use Disorder in the ED: ‘Don't Mention the 'F' Word!’ Andrew Kestler
1105 KEYNOTE: It's a Job That's Easy to Love/Hate Robert Orman
1205 Question & Answer Period
1215 Closing remarks; complete evaluations; conference ends 

Key Speakers

  • Dr. Grant Innes, Annual Literature Review, University of Calgary
  • Dr. Kenji Inaba, Trauma, USC Keck School of Medicine, Los Angeles, CA
  • Dr. Julio Montaner, HIV Treatment as Prevention: A Made in BC Strategy to End the AIDS Pandemic, BC Centre for Excellence in HIV/AIDS
  • Dr. Robert Orman, St Charles Medical Center, Bend, OR


Early bird registration: Mon. Jun 26, 2017 | Add to calendar +

$10 off if you register online.
Jun 27 - Sep 5/17: $969
After Sep 5/17: $989
Allied Health & Nurse Practitioners:
Jun 27 - Sep 5/17: $469
After Sep 5/17: $489
Residents (proof of resident status required on-site)
Jun 27 - Sep 5/17: $279
After Sep 5/17: $299
Cancellations and Refunds


Westin Whistler Resort and Spa
4090 Whistler Way
Whistler  British Columbia  V0N 1B4

Discount room rates start at $210/night + taxes. Rates do not include parking. Group Code: “St. Paul’s Emergency Medicine”. Reservations cutoff for the Group Rate was Aug 28, 2017. You may still book accommodation, but the group rate may not be offered.

PH: 1-866-412-2864
Amenities available:
  • Complimentary internet access in guest rooms for SPG Members
  • Kitchenettes in all rooms
  • Avello Spa and Health Club 
  • Outdoor Pool & Hot Tub

We also have a group rate set up with Perimeter Bus for transport to and from Whistler:

Rates: $64.78 + GST one way; $123 + GST return (valid for travel from Sep 21 - Oct 8)
Group Code: CPD2017
PH: 604-717-6600
Toll-Free: 1-888-717-6606

EDE 1, St. Paul's Hospital, Vancouver
One day course, offered three time: Sep 25 OR Sep 26 OR Sep 27, 2017 (Mon OR Tues OR Wed)
Fees: $1795 Physicians; $1350 Residents & Allied Health
Credits: 30.0 MainPro+, MOC Section 3
Maximum: 16 participants per course
EDE is Canada’s premier Point-of-Care ultrasound course, and is fully endorsed by the Canadian Point-of-Care Ultrasound Society (CPoCUS). EDE now INCLUDES the Thoracic applications mandated by CPoCUS for their CORE certification. Graduates can therefore enter the CPoCUS IP certification pathway. 
Since 2001, the ED Echo (EDE) course has been taught over 900 times to over 12,000 Canadian physicians and has become the standard of care in large trauma centers, remote settings and Canadian Forces combat units. EDE has continually evolved as the team has gained insight into the way beginners learn this skill. Participants will learn to detect pericardial effusions, intra-abdominal hemorrhage, early intra-uterine pregnancies, pneumothoraces, pleural effusions and AAA’s. 
As of 2014, the EDE Course has placed all of its didactic material on-line. Participants can now read the text and watch the lectures at their own pace. Missed something in a lecture? No problem. Just stop, rewind and watch again. This allows us to provide participants with 25% more hands-on time during the course. 
EDE 2, Lions Gate Hospital, Vancouver
One day (live part) of course, one day online, offered twice. Live sessions: Sep 26 OR Sep 27 (Tues OR Wed) 
Fees: $2275 Physicians; $1975 Residents & Allied Health
Credits: 38.0 MainPro+, 19.0 MOC Section 3, Stimulation (2 days of CME total)
Maximum: FULL
The spots are now all taken for the EDE2; to be added to the waitlist for future iterations of the course, please visit their website.  
CASTED Emergency, Whistler Conference Centre, Whistler
Two day course, offered once: Sep 27 - 28, 2017 (Wed & Thu)
Fees (GST not included): $1965 Physicians; $1545 Nurses & Physician Assistants, $1275 Residents
Credits: 48.0 MainPro+, 16.0 MOC Section 1
Maximum: 36
This year, CASTED: Emergency is being offered as a 2 day course. CASTED, the 'hands-on' ED orthopedics course, has been presented over 250 times across Canada.    Numerous clinical pearls are offered on assessment, special x-rays to consider, subtle clues to recognize 'red flag' patients and knowing who needs a reduction. Get comprehensive 'hands-on' instruction - then practice various reduction, immobilization, and moulding techniques. A detailed physical exam is reviewed for the various joints. CASTED is focused on clinically relevant teaching points. We want you to understand ED ortho - not just memorize it! By the end of the course, you will have significantly increased confidence and skills for use on your next shift!
CAEP AIME Roadshow, Whistler Conference Centre, Whistler
One day course, offered twice: Sep 27 OR Sep 28, 2017 (Wed OR Thu) 
Fees: $1095 CAEP Member Physicians; $995 CAEP Resident Members; $1450 Physican & Resident Non-Members
Credits: 18.0 MainPro+ (with pre/post activity), 9.0 MOC Section 1
Maximum: 24
Registration: Available with your conference registration
The AIME course has been providing valued and practical hands-on airway management learning experiences for clinicians around the world for over 14 years. AIME educators are experienced (and entertaining) clinical instructors who know the varied work environments of practicing clinicians. AIME program highlights include: case-based clinical decision making; new practical algorithms; when, why and how to perform awake or rapid sequence intubation; textbook/manual based on the AIME program; unique, customized clinical videos; clinician to instructor ratio of 5/6:1.
SEMP (Surgical Emergency Medicine Procedures), CESEI, Vancouver 
Sep 27, 2017 (Wed)
Fees: $945 by Aug 15; $1195 after Aug 15
Credits: 15.0 MainPro+, MOC Section 3 
Maximum: 24
Registration: Available with your conference registration
When was the last time you put in a chest tube or performed an emergency surgical airway? Would you like to learn to place central lines more safely using Ultrasound guidance? The Simulation-assisted Emergency Medicine Procedures course (SEMP) was designed to allow physicians to acquire, review, and practice their skills in essential life-saving emergency procedures. Skills gained: Needle Cricothyrotomy and transtracheal jet ventilation; Open Cricothyrotomy; Needle Thoracostomy; Chest Tube insertion; Intraosseous Vascular access in Adults; Intraosseous Vascular access in Children; Pericardiocentesis; Central line Vascular access, landmark technique; Ultrasound-guided Central line vascular access; Principles of effective emergency resuscitation.
Cancellations made more than 60 days prior to the course date will incur a 15% penalty. Cancellations made 30-60 days prior to the course date will incur a 30% penalty. No refunds will be issued for cancellations made less than 30 days prior to the course date.
The SHOCK Course, Whistler
Sep 28 (Thu)
Fees: Physicians $1100, Residents $700
Credits: 16.0 MainPro+, MOC Section 1
Maximum: 16 participants (12 MDs, 4 residents)
Registration: Available with your conference registration
Registration: part of conference registration This course is a one-day, hands-on workshop designed for rural emergency healthcare teams. Participants will review management of the hemodynamically unstable patient and discuss the specific steps that must be taken in the workup and treatment of these patients. It is a case-based course that is interactive, with lots of hands-on time practicing with ultrasound, as well as central line insertion
and management. Instructors are all rural physicians and nurses with experience in critical care. Improve your treatment of the types of shock that can be successfully treated in the rural emergency room. Apply early goal directed therapy for sepsis in your community ER. Become confident in placing central venous catheters and intraosseous needles. Learn the many ways that ultrasound can help you in your practice.

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