This Changed My Practice (online blog)

This Changed My Practice (online blog)

Target Audience:

All healthcare professionals.

Course Format: Online blog with new articles every 2 weeks (0.25 credits per article)

Online Blog from Vancouver BC


This Changed My Practice is a free online educational initiative from UBC Continuing Professional Development.

This site is a made-in-BC resource with a vision to deliver quick summaries of impactful clinical studies, clinical pearls and even practice tips relevant to BC physicians (including new billing codes, drug approvals, etc).

How is this different from other great resources like InfoPOEMs and other evidence-based medicine resources on the net? Each year, physicians from all disciplines are inundated with ever-increasing volumes of new information. Despite this, only a handful of clinical trials actually will be significant enough change practice or impact guidelines. Instead of providing summaries of trials as they come out, we’ve asked our team of contributing physicians which clinical trials or practice tips have truly impacted their practice. Whether it’s a trial which changed their current treatment of a problem, or new data that made them question something they did before, we’ve asked our team of local key opinion leaders to share some of the things that were truly practice-changing. Think of it as sitting down with a trusted colleague and asking them: “what new information changed your practice in the last year?”

The articles on This Changed My Practice will be designed for rapid consumption, typically taking less than 2-3 minutes to read, yet we’ll provide links to references if you want to explore more. Each article will be in the format of:

1. What I did before
2. What changed my practice
3. What I do now

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Target Audience:

Family physicians, obstetricians, nurse practitioners, midwives, dietitians, and health care providers offering perinatal care in Canada.

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Target Audience:

 Family physicians working in British Columbia who have patients in the Screening Mammography Program (SMP) or may refer patients in the future.

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