BC Virtual Health Grand Rounds

BC Virtual Health Grand Rounds

Bringing Primary, Emergency & Specialized Healthcare to the People through Technology: What’s Working in Remote BC?

Target Audience:

All healthcare professionals.

Course Format: 0800-0900: WebEx
  • Jan 17, 2019
Broadcasted from
2775 Laurel St
Online from Vancouver BC


0800-0900 available via WebEx.

This quarterly provincial  electronic round brings together health care providers, Information Management /Information Technology (IM/IT) colleagues, health administrators, health policy makers,  and academics to jointly explore transformative, technology-enabled healthcare delivery case examples to support patient-centred care.  These rounds aspire to stimulate thoughtful discussion around the clinical cases presented so as to optimize mutual learning, better understand enablers and barriers to adoption, enhance relationships and ultimately normalize the daily use of safe and effective technology in healthcare throughout BC.

The format includes case-based presentations with many opportunities for questions and discussion.

Please note that an email will be sent to you a week before the talk that will include instructions on how to view the rounds through VC Anywhere (WebEx). If you would like to add a videoconferencing room to this event please contact Hadas Haft (see contact info below).


We will be starting the new year with a presentation and a live demonstration of InTouch by Dr. Bret Batchelor and Arturo Muslera, who will present from Revelstoke, and learn from Dave Harris and Dr. du Toit how the Northern Interior Rural Divisions of Family Practice (NIRD) is integrating virtual medicine technologies.   

InTouch: The Rural Surgical and Obstetrical Networks initiative (RSON), developed by the Rural Coordination Centre of BC (RCCbc) with funding from the Joint Steering Committee of Rural Issues (JSC), supports  safe and appropriate surgery, operative delivery, and maternity care in rural communities aimed at stabilizing, supporting, and enhancing the delivery of quality surgical and obstetrical care to rural BC populations, particularly First Nations peoples. The RSON Remote Presence Technology pillar enables teams, separated by distance and by training, to stand shoulder to shoulder and operate together, enable Clinical Coaching and CQI activity to be done remotely from either the rural or the regional OR, support timely consultations and interventions during critical events, enable planned collaboration during surgeries whereby rural surgeons can access regional surgical experience and expertise during a surgery, enable physicians to monitor and consult on patients remotely from either the rural or the regional OR, and support non-urgent consults.

A pilot initiative is currently underway in Revelstoke, using the InTouch Health OR Vantage platform. This device has multiple cameras, allowing a comprehensive view of the surgical suite and operative field for the remote participant. Dr. Bret Batchelor will discuss this pilot and the InTouch platform.

NIRD: The Patient Medical Home and Patient Care Network delivery model is a system that is designed to provide efficient longitudinal care. NIRD has incorporated technology as a cornerstone for these PMH/PCN initiatives. The combination of MedEx and CODI allows NIRD physicians to bring in specialists and peers real time for emergent and non-emergent consults. They also allow support staff in the field to bring a physician into the “room” for an eyes-on teamwork approach to managing the patient by leveraging existing smart phone technology.


    Key Speakers

    Dr. Bret Batchelor

    Arturo Muslera

    Dave Harris

    Dr. Stefan du Toit

    Skills Gained

    1. Understand the capabilities of remote presence to deliver primary and specialized care to remote locations
    2. Discuss the future of remote presence technology in health care delivery




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