Cultural Safety Resources

Cultural Safety Resources

Below is a series of resources (PDF and video) developed for physicians and other health care providers caring for Indigenous patients during. 

Needs Assessment and Environmental Scan

As part of our work, we are conducting an ongoing environmental scan and literature search to identify relevant Indigenous Cultural Safety resources, education events, research, and materials. If you are looking for specific resources or information, please reach out to and we will gladly share our findings.

Cultural Safety Mindfulness During a Pandemic

During this time of global pandemic, there are some important principles to be mindful of when working with Indigenous Peoples and Communities. These principles take into consideration the results of the colonial history and current realities as well as looking to the teachings found in unique and rich cultural perspectives. We know that Indigenous Peoples and Communities, in general, deal at an escalated scale with vulnerabilities associated with poor health and with economic challenges. We cannot assume that measures put in place in the general Canadian community will be easily transferable to Indigenous settings. It is our hope that some of the principles and history shared here will be helpful for rural physicians, their teams and systems to work in culturally-safe ways. Read more by clicking on the link below.

Cultural Safety Mindfulness During a Pandemic.

Cultural Safety Video Library








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