Online Module: HIV Testing in Primary Care

UBC CPD released the updated HIV Testing in Primary Care Online Module on June 17, 2015 in partnership with Vancouver Coastal Health, Interior Health, and Island Health. The original module was released in June 2015 and hosted by MDcme.

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Credits: 3.0 Mainpro+ (2 cr/hr)
Cost: Free courtesy of Hope to Health HIV Initiative
Target Audience: Primary care providers in BC
Purpose: To help physicians incorporate new BC guidelines for HIV testing into practice. The new guidelines articulate HIV testing recommendations for British Columbia in 2014. Each component of these guidelines will be evaluated with ongoing monitoring and assessment. As with all guidelines, HIV testing recommendations will evolve over time.

Six lessons:

  • Lesson 1 Background & Rationale for New HIV Testing Guidelines
  • Lesson 2 New HIV Testing Guidelines
  • Lesson 3 Special Considerations for Testing
  • Lesson 4 Plan for Testing
  • Lesson 5 Result Guidelines
  • Lesson 6 Initial Management of an HIV Diagnosis

HIV Testing Online Module Screenshot

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