Hands-On Ultrasound Education Obstetrics (HOUSE OB)

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What is HOUSE OB?

The Hands-On Ultrasound Education Obstetrics (HOUSE OB) Course travels to your community and improves your management of patients in their third trimester. The course includes hands-on learning with third-trimester patient models.

Who should attend the course?

Physicians and midwives who provide obstetrical care in rural and remote communities.

What will I learn?

Learn to answer these specific questions:

  • Is the fetal presentation head down?
  • Is fetal cardiac activity present?
  • Is the placenta a safe distance from the cervix?
  • Is there a normal amount of amniotic fluid?
  • Is there more than one fetus?

Interested in a HOUSE OB Course?

Email Kate Meffen, Education Coordinator, for more information: cpd.house@ubc.ca.

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