First Visit

Ask the injured person for the ICBC claim number (include this on all reports)

Complete the appropriate initial report (Standard or Extended) and submit to ICBC

  • The submitted report acts as the invoice and includes the visit fee
  • Most EMRs have the reports integrated within them
  • For those using paper reports, MOAs can support completion by printing Standard and Extended reports ahead of the appointment for the physician to fill out with the patient. The physician is responsible for selecting which form is to be filled out for each patient.

Bill all appointments to ICBC until the claim is closed

  • After the initial report is completed and submitted, regular follow-up appointments do not need additional reports and should be billed to MSP with ICBC as the third party insurer
  • For appointments needing a Reassessment Report, the report serves as the invoice and includes the office visit fee
  • Ask the injured person if the claim is still open for all appointments related to crash injuries
  • Once the claim is closed, billing reverts to regular MSP

Discuss consent of release of report to ICBC with patient and complete this section of report.

Once claim is closed, discuss with injured person their recovery status and future plans for care of injuries.

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