RCA Referral

Note: The MRP makes the referral to the RCA – ICBC is not involved in the process. Follow your normal referral process and indicate this is an RCA referral for an ICBC claim on the referral letter


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Why is this information collected and how is it used?

  • ICBC holds a database of RCAs which is managed by the College of Physicians and Surgeons of BC
    • If an RCA referral is recommended, the injured person must be referred to a specific physician from this list.
  • It’s important for ICBC to know the MRP is going to make a referral because it tells the Claims Specialist to be on the lookout for activity on the file
  •  “Referral requested for” is where you write the reason for referral (e.g. injury type, failure to improve, etc.)
  • See RCA FAQ for more info on the RCA process
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