Payment and Billing

This page provides information about payment and billing under the new ICBC process. 

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Billing Overview

The report itself serves as the invoice and includes the visit fee.

Because the visit fee is included in the payment for the report, do not bill a separate visit to ICBC either through MSP via Teleplan or directly to ICBC. The invoice/reference number on the report is for your clinic filing information only. 

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Billing Code


GP Assessment and Standard Report (CL489)



GP Assessment and Extended Report (CL489A)



GP Reassessment, Registered Care Advisor (RCA) Referral and Reassessment Report (CL489B)



Regular Follow-Up Appointment

(i.e. without Reassessment Report)

Usual MSP code and EMR designation to indicate ICBC as third party insurer


If consent not given, initial appointment charged as regular appointment

Usual MSP code and EMR designation to indicate ICBC as third party insurer


If consent not given, extra time to complete and send report after ICBC request for report

Standard or Extended Report as needed


If Standard Report sent but Extended Report needed, time for conversation with ICBC to obtain extra details

A94569 for physician conference fee


If Walk-In Clinic, initial appointment for care given after crash, but no report filled out

Usual MSP code and EMR designation to indicate ICBC as third party insurer


If Walk-In Clinic needs second appointment to complete initial Report if no family physician

Standard or Extended Report as needed


Physician Conference Fee

(for calls between MRP, RCA, ICBC and others on care team – per 15 minutes or portion thereof up to a maximum of 45 minutes per day)



Physician Telephone Management Fee

(for calls between physician and patient)



Once ICBC claim closed all appointments billed as usual to MSP.

See Doctors of BC or Society of General Practitioners for more fee guide information.


Follow-up appointments

For physicians: After the initial report is completed and submitted, regular follow-up appointments do not need additional reports and should be billed to MSP with ICBC as the third party insurer. 

All other health care providers (excluding physicians): Submit joint invoices/reports through a web-based application, accessible via the Invoicing and Reporting page of the Business Partners site. MSP invoices for this group was discontinued as of April 1, 2019.

When no consent is given

If the patient does not give consent to release their report to ICBC, physicians should bill to MSP and select ICBC as the third party insurer. ICBC will request the report at a later date, at which point the MRP should bill either the Standard or Extended Report as needed.

If the wrong report is sent

If you submit the wrong report (e.g. you submit the Standard Report but the Extended was needed), there is no need to complete a new Report. ICBC will pay for the report received.

Sometimes if the wrong report is sent, ICBC may require further information; in this case, an ICBC Claims or Recovery Specialist may request a phone consultation with the MRP (ICBC will contact the clinic if necessary). This phone call is billable as A94569 $60 for 15 minutes.

Patient and Consultant Communication Fees

There are Physician Conference Fees for calls between MRP, RCA, ICBC and others on care team (A94569 $60 for 15 minutes), as well as Physician Telephone Management Fees for calls between physicians and patients (A94571 $25 for 15 minutes).


In instances where clinics or physicians require GST for their services, a separate invoice indicating this is required should be sent to ICBC. ICBC’s assessment of the services provided has concluded that these items are GST exempt. Where a clinic or physician’s tax assessment differs they must invoice ICBC with the GST amount included in order to be paid this additional amount.


If you are a locum use the vendor number of the entity providing you payment (i.e. the clinic as a whole or the individual physician you are filling in for).

If no MSP coverage

Follow usual practices.

Fee Guides and Billing Info

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