Preapproved Referrals FAQ

This page provides information about preapproved referral treatments (e.g. counselling, occupational therapy, physiotherapy, etc.).

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Accessing care without a physician referral (patient self-refer)

MRP can facilitate treatment by referring to preapproved providers, however a referral is not required and the injured person may self-refer.

How to make a referral

Follow your usual referral process – indicate appointment is for ICBC claim in the referral letter.

Preapproved treatments

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Within the new system, the list of preapproved treatments and fees paid by ICBC includes:

Health Care Service

Standard Treatment Fees

Number of Preauthorized Treatments*




Chiropractic treatment









Massage therapy



Occupational therapy


No limit – as clinically required







*Within 12 weeks of the accident causing the injury. After 12 weeks ICBC will review and either approve or deny the request.


Fees above ICBC limit

ICBC will pay up to the standard treatment fee amount set in regulations for treatment with an allied health professional – see table above. Patients who choose to visit a health care practitioner that charges a higher rate than what ICBC funds under accident benefits will be responsible for paying the additional amount.  Patients may submit this to their private health insurer for consideration of coverage.

If the number of treatments needs extending

As of April 1, 2019, if additional treatments beyond those that have been preapproved are recommended for a patient's rehabilitation and recovery, a treatment extension request can be submitted to ICBC by the treatment provider directly through the HCPIR application or directly to the file handler. The treatment provider submits the request, not the MRP. In some cases ICBC may require additional medical information to support ongoing treatment, and in these cases ICBC may request a reassessment and report. In most cases, additional information will be asked directly of the treating practitioner (e.g. Physiotherapist). Any direct billing to ICBC beyond the pre-authorized period or number of sessions will require approval from the claims specialist. 

Specialist referral

If the patient needs a referral to a specialist physician, complete referral as per usual process.

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