ICBC created the Registered Care Advisor (RCA) role as part of the new injury claim process established on April 1, 2019.

RCAs provide increased access to medical expertise when the Most Responsible Physician (MRP) wants additional support with diagnosis or care planning. The RCA provides consultation to the MRP, and is not a replacement for a Specialist referral as the RCA does not provide treatment to the patient. An RCA may be a GP with a relevant practice focus, or a Specialist with an interest in assisting with ICBC injuries.

RCAs are independent physicians and are not affiliated with ICBC. It is important to note that to maintain independence from the process, ICBC is not involved in the referral process or conversations between the RCA and MRP and does not receive the RCA report, which is provided directly to the referring physician.

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RCA Registration

Physicians apply to become an RCA through the College of Physicians and Surgeons of British Columbia (CPSBC, or the College) annual licence renewal form, or by contacting the College directly.

The requirements and qualifications for RCAs are:

  • Must be a registrant in good standing with the College and registered in the full class of registration
  • Must be current for clinical practice (as defined in Appendix 3 of the regulation)
  • Must provide to the College a declaration in accordance with section 8 of the Insurance (Vehicle) Regulation
  • Must be registered in the Registered Care Advisor register
  • Must be competent in one or more of the following relevant disciplines:
    • i. Musculoskeletal injuries
    • ii. Acute and chronic pain
    • iii. Mental health issues and other psychosocial issues

The College will verify that applicants are in the full class of registration in a relevant discipline and are not otherwise limited in providing assessments due to limits, conditions, undertakings, etc. Registrants in the provisional class or disciplined class of registration are not eligible to apply.

When to refer

  • MRPs may refer to an RCA if additional medical expertise would be beneficial, for instance:
    • If the MRP is unable to make a clear diagnosis;
    • If the patient is not recovering as expected; or
    • If there are factors complicating the patient’s recovery.
  • Consider referral within 90 days after the date of the crash
  • ICBC requires that the patient be seen within 15 business days of the referral
  • To refer to a RCA, follow your normal clinic referral process to make the appointment. Include the information that this is an RCA referral on your referral letter since RCAs have agreed to see patients within 15 days. The Reassessment report will serve as the primary component of the referral and will inform the RCA of the patient status/assessment.

NOTE: ICBC is not involved in this process – the MRP makes the referral as per usual referral process.

RCA list on ICBC website

The RCA roster lists CPSBC registered physicians who are available to provide expedited medical consultations to patients recovering from injuries due to a car crash.

While the roster is maintained on the ICBC website, ICBC is not involved in the referral process.

RCA consultation with MRP

Complete a Reassessment Report when you refer to an RCA. This report will serve as the primary component of the referral and will inform the RCA of the patient status/assessment.

The MRP and RCA should communicate to ensure the patient is provided with the most appropriate care, however the RCA does not provide care to the patient.

  • Communication between MRP and RCA can be conducted via telephone, fax, EMR, or mail
  • There are fees to support/incentivize this approach (Fees are outlined in Doctors of BC Fee Guide)
  • To maintain independence from the process, ICBC will not be involved in any of these conversations

After 90 days

RCA referral should be considered within 90 days from the car crash. If more than 90 days have passed and the patient is not recovering or an RCA referral is desired, submit the Reassessment Report to ICBC for consideration and approval.

If, after the initial RCA assessment and report, the referring physician wants further support, referral to the same or to a different RCA may occur no later than nine (9) months post-MVA (page 4 in the RCA Info Guide).

RCA Information Guide

For more information see the ICBC RCA Information Guide.

This guide provides information on the responsibilities/restrictions of an RCA, registration as an RCA, referrals, invoicing, payments, and the process between the RCA and the MRP.

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