1. Relevant ICBC Links

2. Pre-approved treatment list
3. Minor Injuries definition (page 3)
4. Consent Form

Fees and Invoicing

1. Fee Guides (log in required)

2. ICBC Invoicing and Reporting FAQ
3. UBC CPD MOA Billing and Key Points Handout

Access Education

How to claim self-learning credits (for family physicians Mainpro+ Certified Self Learning; for specialists MOC Section 2)

  • Archived webinar recordings
    • For family physicians
    • For MOAs
      Note: participant questions from the webinars have been collated, cross-referenced with the ICBC website, and delivered to ICBC with suggested additions and areas for improvement. 
  • Online module – in development
  • In-person workshops – in development


1. ICBC Health Care Inquiry Unit (M-F, 8:30 am – 4:00 pm; 1-877-717-7150
2. ICBC Support and Resources webpage
3. 4. Doctors of BC Liaison Working Group (
5. College of Physicians and Surgeons of BC (provide method to register as RCA; verifies qualifications and training; prepares roster of successful applicants)

If you have any questions about the ICBC Education Project or these webpages, please contact

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