UBC CPD supports International Medical Graduates (IMG) and Assessors/Supervisors through the Practice Ready Assessment - British Columbia (PRA-BC) and BC Physician Integration Program (BC-PIP). Our goal is to support IMGs and their assessors/supervisors at all stages in their journey from orientation and beyond.

UBC CPD is proud to play a central role in orienting and preparing international medical graduates (IMGs) for success in diverse BC practice settings.


1. Practice Ready Assessment British Columbia (PRA-BC)

In collaboration with the College of Physicians and Surgeons of BC and the BC Government's Ministry of Health, UBC CPD is supporting a process for assessing family medicine IMGs' readiness to enter supervised practice before they settle into their new community. UBC CPD provides an orientation conference for PRA-BC candidates and supports assessors of PRA-BC candidates.

2. BC Physician Integration Program (BC-PIP)

With the support of the Joint Collaborative Committees, UBC CPD is supporting the transition of practice-eligible international medical graduates from provisional licensure to full licensure to practice medicine in British Columbia. The program includes a one-day orientation conference (offered twice a year), online modules, and other supports.


Contact Us UBC CPD IMG Team

BC-PIP: bc.pip@ubc.ca

PRA-BC: info@prabc.ca



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