Practice Ready Assessment BC (PRA-BC) Candidates

The PRA-BC program has 2 phases: a two-part centralized assessment and the clinical field assessment. UBC CPD provides orientation for both of these to new to BC physicians already enrolled in the program. The diagram below provides a breakdown of the portion of the program administered by UBC CPD (in blue) and by PRA-BC (in green).

To view all components, visit: Eligibility is determined by PRA-BC and not by UBC CPD. More about eligibility and application: Questions can be directed to

UBC CPD Phase 1 OrientationPRA-BC Phase 1: Centralized AssessmentUBC CPD Phase 2 OrientationPRA-BC Phase 2: Clinical Field Assessment

Updated: March 10, 2017

UBC CPD Phase 1 Orientation

3 day program provides PRA-BC candidates with strategies, tools, and resources to increase the probability of success with the PRA-BC Centralized Assessment.

Pre-program preparation materials will be made available to candidates enrolled in the program at least 4 weeks before the Phase 1 Orientation at this webpage:

PRA-BC Centralized Assessment

Consists of 2 exams:

  1. Short-answer therapeutics examination (Medical Council of Canada's (MCC) Therapeutics Decision Making (TDM) exmination)
  2. Objective structured clinical encounter (OSCE) examination

More info:

Please note that no textbooks or resources are required by the PRA-BC program for the Centralized Assessment. It is up to the individual applicant to come prepared for these exams. UBC CPD has partnered with PRA-BC to provide support for candidates to improve their chances of success with the Centralized Assessment. Some valuable Canadian resources that candidates may find helpful are available to candidates here:

UBC CPD Phase 2 Orientation

Multi-day program designed to prepare PRA-BC candidates for the Clinical Field Assessment (12-weeks of direct supervision and evaluation by a trained physician assessor in a rural BC community) and subsequent career as a family physician in British Columbia. Candidates also need to complete pre-work activities (readings, self-assessment, etc.) in advance of each day of Phase 2 Orientation, as assigned. These will be available electronically.

Phase 2 Orientation provides a highly interactive, learner-centric review of topics including:

  • Canadian healthcare standards and practices (including medico-legal information)
  • Organizations, programs, tools and resources available at the local, provincial and national level
  • Patient-centred care and cultural awareness
  • Medical record keeping
  • Prescribing, addictions, maternity and newborn care, pediatric medicine, care of the elderly, palliative care, mental health, emergency medicine primers and much more!

We also recommend that all candidates become familiar with the tools that will be used to assess their performance. Click here to review the forms.

PRA-BC Clinical Field Assessment

The Clinical Field Assessment (CFA) is the second evaluation component of the PRA-BC program. It is designed to evaluate your readiness for independent practice and subsequent career as a family physician in British Columbia. Candidates will spend 12 weeks in a specified community under the direct supervision of a trained physician assessor. This is where your clinical skills will be observed and assessed. More info:

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