Practice Ready Assessment BC (PRA-BC) Program

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PRA-BC Practice Ready Assessment

The Practice Ready Assessment (PRA-BC) program provides qualified internationally-educated family physicians (IMGs) with an alternative pathway to licensure in BC through assessment of readiness to enter supervised practice. More about eligibility and application: Eligibility is determined by PRA-BC and not by UBC CPD. Questions can be directed to

UBC CPD role within PRA-BC

1. Orientation program for PRA-BC candidates: Phase 1 & 2

UBC CPD coordinates and delivers a comprehensive orientation program designed to aid PRA-BC candidates in transitioning to life and practice in rural BC. The PRA-BC program is comprised of two (2) phases: a two-part "point-in-time" assessment and the clinical field assessment (CFA) period. UBC CPD provides orientation for both of these. View all compontents: (UBC CPD provides Orientations in steps 5 and 6). 

2. Training program for PRA-BC Assessors

UBC CPD is pleased to be the provider of a training and development program for the BC-licensed family physicians who will evaluate PRA-BC candidates during their three-month clinical field assessment period.

 The PRA-BC program is a collaborative venture between the College of Physicians & Surgeons of British Columbia, Doctors of BC – Joint Standing Committee on Rural Issues, the Government of British Columbia, and the University of British Columbia in partnership with British Columbia’s health authorities and Health Match BC.

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