Webinar: Patients seeking advice regarding marijuana use - What’s the up to date buzz for the busy physician?

Webinar: Patients seeking advice regarding marijuana use - What’s the up to date buzz for the busy physician?

Target Audience:

Family physicians. We also welcome:


Allied Health Professionals 

Residents & Students

Course Format: Online webinar 1900-2000 PDT: presentation with Q&A.
  • Oct 10, 2017
Broadcasted from
910 W. 10th
Online from Vancouver BC


  • 1900 - 2000 PDT
  • You must have the latest Adobe Flash Player (version 11.2 or later).
  • Registration closes 24 hours before the session. Registrations 24 hours before the webinar are not guaranteed even with registration confirmation.
  • 24 hours prior to the session you will receive an email from UBC with connection details. Please check your spam folders. You should add "@ubc.ca" to your safe sender list. If you do not see the connection email, please contact us 20 hours before the webinar.
  • Please close all other programs during the webinar, and turn on your computer speakers with the volume up.


  • Moderator and presenter visible via webcam
  • Presentation slides visible on the webinar
  • Audio live through your computer speakers
  • Your questions sent via the Q&A chat box
  • Presentation materials available for download

Key Speakers

Dr. Paul Farnan 

Skills Gained

Webinar objectives are as follow:

  •          Understand the basic function of cannabinoids and endocannabinoid neurochemistry
  •          Appreciate the impact of marijuana legalization and develop greater understanding of concerns related to adverse health risks and cannabis-related workplace impairment challenges
  •          Be prepared to deliver accurate and appropriate scientific-based information to patients relating to risks and benefits of cannabis use for both recreational and medical conditions



Cancellations and Refunds

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Target Audience:

Family physicians, specialists, IMGs, midwives, nurse practitioners, physical therapists, occupational therapists, residents/students, and other healthcare providers.

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Arbutus Club
2001 Nanton Avenue
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Target Audience:

Family Medicine



Nurse Practitioner

Specialty Medicine

Allied Health Professionals 

Residents & Students

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Sarah Tajani, Program Coordinator (UBC CPD)

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