Dr. Bob Bluman - winner of the Leadership in Quality Award, BC Patient Safety & Quality Council

It is our greatest pleasure to announce that our very own Dr. Bob Bluman, UBC CPD Executive Medical Director (view profile) has been awarded the 2019 Doug Cochrane Leadership in Quality Award from the BC Patient Safety & Quality Council! Please join us in congratulating Dr. Bluman on being recognized for his 35+ years of service, commitment, passion, innovation and continued efforts he brings to the Continuing Professional Development realm. His work continuously creates positive change in the health care system through cutting edge clinical education and quality improvement programs.

Please visit the BCPSQC website to read more about this award and other Quality Awards that celebrate people and projects that make health care better: https://bcpsqc.ca/quality-awards/winners/bob-bluman/. Congratulations to all the winners!

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