Fighting Anti-Indigenous Racism

As we have seen in the media, systemic racism is pervasive in our health care system and among some health care providers. This is of course not news to Indigenous people seeking health care in BC. Living, working and training in an inherently racist culture leaves no one immune to racial bias, including health care providers. For Indigenous citizens seeking health care, racism is at work in our system in both subtle and overt ways that cause real physical, mental and spiritual harm. UBC CPD is committed to programming to reduce racial bias in healthcare delivery. Through the Elder-led UBC Rural Indigenous Patient-Led CPD project, we aim to shift hearts and minds by naming racism in our health care system - only by naming racism can we manage our implicit (sometimes explicit) biases and move towards healing our system. We are working with rural physician communities and the rural Indigenous communities they serve to work together to dismantle racism, to begin the journey of rebuilding trust and to heal together. We look forward to journeying together.

The UBC Rural Indigenous Patient-Led CPD project, co-led by Elder Roberta Price, Elder Cheryl Schweizer, Dr. Terri Aldred, Harley Eagle and Dr. Dana Hubler, aims to be advance an anti-racist movement in healthcare by bringing together rural Indigenous and physicians communities to help physicians walk on their lifelong journey of cultural humility.

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