Research Activities

In partnership with the BC Cancer Agency (BCCA), UBC CPD conducts in-depth research and needs assessments to look more closely at specific issues related to current practices and challenges in cancer care and make recommendations to current programming that responds to these identified needs.


Primary Cancer Care Engagement and Needs Assessment 

BC Cancer’s Family Practice Oncology Network (FPON) sought the input of family physicians’ insight to guide its expansion into a new Provincial Primary Care Program, with the goal being to better support care of cancer patients throughout their cancer journey, and to bring the voice of primary care to the work of BC Cancer. 

Cervical Cancer Rescreening Practice in Primary Care

With retention rates for cervical cancer rescreening declining across all age groups and regions in the province of BC, a need was identified to further examine and assess (i) how FPs remind patients who have normal Pap tests to participate in rescreening for cervical cancer within a three year period, (ii) the facilitators and barriers to engage patients in cervical cancer rescreening, and (iii) current perspectives on existing provincial reminder systems.

Province-Wide Assessment of Cancer Screening Practice in Primary Care

Studies have shown that not only can the appropriate use of cancer screening procedures save lives, but that primary care physicians have the greatest degree of influence on patients cancer screening behaviour. In 2009/2010, a province wide needs assessment study was conducted, investigating the current practices, attitudes, and challenges of primary care physicians in the screening for breast, cervical, colorectal, and prostate cancers, as well as the hereditary predisposition to cancer.


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