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Are you looking to develop education online?

We know that healthcare professionals are busy. Online modules provide the opportunity to present content to your target audience when they want and where they want. They can complete the learning in multiple sessions as necessary and have a resource to come back to for just-in-time learning. 

UBC CPD provides all the services you need to development an online module. This includes conducting preliminary needs assessments or comprehensive environmental scan, issuing invitations to working group members, content writing support and project management, creation of storyboard, gathering input from working group and content reviewers, online build, accreditation, testing, launch, and maintenance. Let our team of instructional designers and multimedia experts help bring your content to life in a virtual classroom with custom visuals, interactive elements, and video content!

Our courses are hosted through the UBC CPD eLearning platform ( and are open free to all learners across the province, country and beyond or restricted by registration for specific targeted learning or fee-based courses.




Data visualization

Video / animation





Our growing library of online courses are very popular with BC healthcare providers, as participants receive certified and accredited, high quality, up-to-date, convenient, accessible and relevant CME from their homes, offices and mobile devices. UBC CPD participants have requested additional programs be delivered in this format, and recent literature shows that online learning can be as effective as in-person educational sessions.

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