Personal Learning Plan Program

This free and personalized program is being offered to all IMG physicians in British Columbia to help achieve practice goals and navigate the continuing professional development landscape. We will discuss your areas of interest and personal goals to formulate a plan to support your ongoing learning and development. We will then help connect you with the resources and people you'll need to achieve the goals identified in the plan.


1. Initial Meeting

You will be introduced to your peer advisor and a UBC CPD concierge. You will discuss your current challenges, learning needs, and areas of interest.

2. Develop a Plan

Based on the initial meeting, we will develop a customized learning plan and submit it back to you for review and approval.

3. Plan Implementation

We will help connect you with the people and resources you'll need in order to achieve your goals.

4. Ongoing Support

Through periodic meetings, we will continue to support you in this process, reshaping your plan so that it caters to your evolving needs.



Safe. Confidential. Non-Reporting.

Everything discussed in the process of developing and implementing your Personal Learning Plan is strictly confidential and will not be used in any way for assessment or licensing. Your involvement is not reported to any Health Authority, College, or other regulatory body.

Learner Driven.

Your peer advisor and concierge will help you explore your wants and needs and advise you on appropriate resources that may assist you in achieving your goals.


At UBC CPD, we are in an unique position to support you as we both deliver and have access to a huge network of organizations across the province providing quality CPD and support to physicians.


How to Start

Contact our concierge for more information and to set up your initial meeting:

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