Program Design and Operational Support

CPD Program design, budgeting, and full operational management

CPD offers expertise in medical education program design for online and in person delivery modes. Contact with your idea to see if we can assist.  


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We can accept and coordinate online payment portal to take paying registrations. We provide regular pre-conference reports outlining attendees and subtotals of any other information for which pre-registration tracking is desired. All registrations are processed in the UBC administrative system, with all revenues deposited to an exclusive course account. Each registrant is issued a tax receipt as appropriate for their registration. Registrations can be accepted via telephone, via fax, via mail or via the Internet. Some additional fees may apply for online registration. All personal registration information collected on the registration forms is protected by the British Columbia Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act.

Please visit our external education page to see some of the groups for whom we are currently providing registration services.

To get a proposal for UBC CPD to provide registration services for your group, please contact:

Sandy McNeill
UBC CPD Registration and Conference Services Manager


CPD has already become known for Virtual Conference management and production

Testimonials include: 

"Lindsay and her Team at UBC CPD were instrumental in our recent, most successful-- Annual Medical Disorders in  Pregnancy Conference--ever!
Our conference would not have happened on April 18 2020 if not for the UBC CPD Team who showed us that technology can be adapted to deliver  a virtual conference in the midst of a pandemic  when physical distancing was required.  
The steadfast support and responsiveness displayed by UBC CPD Team in an environment of rapid change were key elements in nurturing confidence  in the organizing committee  that such a conference was even possible.
We also appreciated the saintly  patience demonstrated by Michelle in getting moderators and  speakers ‘comfortable' with the technology prior to the conference, resulting in  an almost flawless delivery of content.
On behalf of the Organizing Committee and 300 participants across Canada, a BIG “THANK YOU” to the UBC CPD Team.

Signed, Dr. Wee-Shian Chan, Co-Chair, Medical Disorders and Pregnancy"

To learn more, contact Lindsay Callan, Conference Director at  

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