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BC Dementia Education Project

The BC Dementia Education Project (completed March 2013) was an initiative that worked for and with physicians to help achieve optimal care for patients suffering from dementia.

For family physicians, primary care providers, and patients (e.g. important phone numbers, patient materials, nPEP, lab resources, guidelines, publications, implementing routine testing in practice, positive result, and HIV care).

All the resources focused on International Medical Graduates and their assessors/supervisors for support at all stages in their journey from orientation and beyond.

Resources for health care professionals in delivering cancer care and support, as well as patient resources to learn about cancer and the many available support services.

The Relationship with Industry module is a fun and interactive module that covers key issues in the relationships between the medical community and industry, and helps you discern what is relevant to include in your disclosure.

RCPD Partners and Resources | RCPD Reports and Publications

A survey to better understand and formally identify BC specialists’ educational interests, learning needs and preferred learning formats was conducted in 2013. See results and read the final report here.

Therapeutics Initiative: established by the University of British Columbia and independent from the government

Access articles and information used in the Work Disability program.

PT Needs Assessment | UBC Department of Physical Therapy | College of Physical Therapists of British Columbia | Physiotherapy Association of British Columbia | UNBC NRC Continuing Professional Development

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