Cancer Care Outreach Program on Education (CCOPE) 4 Year Report

Over the past four years, over 800 physicians and other allied health care professionals have participated in a total of 90 community-based workshops across the province of BC. Of the workshops, there were 29 on the topic of breast cancer care, 30 on prostate cancer care, 18 on colorectal cancer care, and 13 on advanced cancers care. This report summarizes the reach of the CCOPE program over the past four years and outlines proposed next steps.  

Main Findings 

Overall, the majority of the participants (92%) who participated in a CCOPE workshop reported an increase in confidence when working with specific tumour group patients (i.e. breast, prostate, colorectal, and advanced). In addition participants indicated increased knowledge in all of the following topic areas:

  • Cancer screening guidelines
  • The referral process for cancer
  • The clinical implication of the pathology and staging of cancer
  • Main treatment options for cancer
  • Elements and frequency of follow-up for cancer
  • Role of the family physician in the ongoing management and follow-up of cancer patients
  • Resources to support patient care

The overall perception of the workshops was extremely positive with approximately 93% of participants rating the workshops as above average or excellent. 

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