HIV Testing Guidelines for the Province of British Columbia

HIV testing guidelines for the province of British Columbia were released on May 12, 2014.
You can access these guidelines online here or download the PDF here .

Summary of Recommendations

We recommend that health care providers know the HIV status of all patients under their care.

Specifically, we recommend that providers offer an HIV test:

  • Routinely, every five years, to all patients aged 18-70 years
  • Routinely, every year, to all patients aged 18-70 years who belong to populations with a higher burden of HIV infection
  • Once at age 70 or older if the patient’s HIV status is not known

AND offer an HIV test to patients including adults 18-70, youth and the elderly, whenever:

  • Ordering diagnostic blood-work for a new or worsening medical condition
  • They present with symptoms of HIV infection or advanced HIV disease
  • They or their providers identify a risk for HIV acquisition
  • They request an HIV test
  • They are pregnant
  • You test for or diagnose a sexually transmitted infection (STI), hepatitis C, hepatitis B or tuberculosis

Online Module: HIV Testing in Primary Care

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