Therapeutics Initiative: established by the University of British Columbia and independent from the government

Provincial Academic Detailing (PAD) Service

  • The PAD service is funded by the Ministry of Health’s Medical Beneficiary & Pharmaceutical Services Division.
  • Objective, balanced, evidence-informed drug information on the best prescribing practices.
  • Each topic is accredited for up to 1.0 Mainpro-M1 credit
  • Sessions are usually 15-30 minutes long and are arranged at a time that is convenient for the physician
  • Sessions are usually held in the physician's office, but can be arranged at another location or conducted via Web conferencing

The Cochrane Collaboration

Healthy Skepticism: South Australian independent, non-profit organization

  • Evidence-based healthcare
  • Resources to reduce harm from misleading health information

Pharmed Out: Georgetown University Medical Centre project.

  • Evidence-based prescribing
  • Education about pharmaceutical marketing practices

Prescrire: non-profit continuing education organization

  • Independent information on treatment and healthcare strategies

Worst Pills, Best Pills: Public Citizen's Health Research Group

  • Unbiased, evidence-based information
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