eLearning Program

UBC CPD eLearning offers accredited online modules in a wide range of topics. Many of our courses are open to all learners, free of charge and include key information, case scenarios, practical tools, references and multiple choice questions to provide you with an engaging learning experience. Since launching our first online module in September 2014, we’ve seen over 6,000 family physicians, specialists, midwives, and nurse practitioners across BC, Canada, and internationally complete our online courses. Check out UBC CPD eLearning and enjoy the comfort and flexibility of a self-paced learning environment, rich with media and interactivity. Visit UBC CPD eLearning website to create a free account and start your online learning today!


HIV in Family Practice

HIV in Family Practice provides education and resources for the implementation of routine HIV testing in family practice as well as helping family physicians understand their role in HIV management.


The individual Learning Efforts Addressing Reflective Needs (iLearn) program is a central comprehensive site for physicians and other health care professionals to go for their self-directed learning needs and find support for their practice improvement efforts.

The iLearn program includes:

International Medical Graduates

UBC CPD supports International Medical Graduates (IMG) and Assessors/Supervisors through the Practice Ready Assessment - British Columbia (PRA-BC) and BC Physician Integration Program (BC-PIP). Our goal is to support IMGs and their assessors/supervisors at all stages in their journey from orientation and beyond.

1. Practice Ready Assessment British Columbia (PRA-BC)


UBC CPD has a mandate to support all health professions represented in the Faculty of Medicine with their lifelong learning and Continuing Professional Development. Our suite of educational programming that is designed specifically for practicing midwives, or that includes midwives as part of a multi- or interprofessional audience, continues to expand.

Oncology Program

UBC CPD provides a range of educational offerings on cancer care in family practice. Our innovative education is based on the latest guidelines and best practices. Interactive workshops are offered in communities throughout BC and our live webinars are available to everyone. Find out about upcoming oncology education, read online articles, and access physician and patient resources. 

Physician Education on Preventing Needless Work Disability

The purpose of this initiative was to help physicians achieve more effective disability management for patients on medical leave from work. UBC CPD, in partnership with BC Collaborative for Disability Prevention (BCCDP), developed physician focused education to support and improve patient care in the field of workplace disability.

Physiotherapy Program

Physiotherapy Continuing Professional Development (Physiotherapy CPD) program fosters a culture of continuous learning for BC physiotherapists. Our goal is to improve the health and quality of life of British Columbians through innovative CPD and to support quality improvement in physiotherapy practice.

This initiative is a partnership between the Northern and Rural Cohort, UBC Department of Physical Therapy and UBC CPD.

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