Closer-to-home Courses


Rural CPD (RCPD) offers five closer-to-home courses that are designed specifically with and for rural healthcare practitioners which means we come to you!

HOUSE OB icon   The Hands-On Ultrasound Education Obstetrics (HOUSE OB) Course 

A full day traveling course designed specifically for rural family physicians who provide obstetrical care to patients. This course focuses on Point-of-Care Ultrasound in the third trimester, and covers fetal presentation, fetal cardiac activity, placental location, amniotic fluid index (AFI), and whether multiple fetuses are present. 
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   The Hands-On Ultrasound Education Acute Care (HOUSE EM) Course 

HOUSE EM delivers on-site learning directly to your community. Develop point of care ultrasound skills to empower your practice and stay on the cutting edge. Tailor your community's learning based on your needs. 
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   The Enhanced Simulation of Critical Care and Perioperative Emergencies (ESCAPE) Course

A one-day course that facilitates the learning of intraoperative emergency and resuscitation concepts for family practice anesthesiologists (FPAs), nurses, and teams.
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   The Rural BC Airway Mannequin Loan Program

A flexible, close-to-home, self-directed learning program that delivers airway mannequins and practice scenarios to rural BC physicians' doorsteps.
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communications icon   Optimizing Communication for Excellence

A full-day, interactive course provides the necessary tools to succeed in the landscape of today’s healthcare system by learning a simple 4-stage communication framework to effectively communicate with patients, colleagues, and staff. To support ongoing learning and application, this program incorporates post-program activities, including check-in and coaching sessions following the live workshop.
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