The Enhanced Simulation of Critical Care and Perioperative Emergencies (ESCAPE) Course

What is The ESCAPE Course?

The Enhanced Simulation of Critical Care and Perioperative Emergencies (ESCAPE) Course is a one-day, high fidelity simulation program, designed and delivered by family practice anesthesiologists, that focuses on building team dynamics to optimize crisis resource management in the rural perioperative setting. One of the challenges of providing surgical care in a rural hospital is being prepared to effectively manage a multitude of diverse perioperative emergencies that present infrequently due to a low-volume setting.

The main objective of the course is to bring high quality simulation to rural hospitals and provide an opportunity for perioperative care teams to practice management of these infrequently encountered emergent scenarios. It was designed for anesthesiologists, surgeons, nurses and other practitioners who participate in patient care in a rural hospital with surgical services. Simulations will take place in the operating room and other critical care environments and will focus on caring for patients who would typically be resuscitated by providers with advanced skills in this field.

Flexible Program Options

  • We bring all materials to your facility
  • We put on course using materials you already have at your facility
  • We meet at local simulation centre and use their materials

Who should attend the course?

Family practice anesthesiologists (FPAs), ER physicians, ESS physicians, nurses, and teams who work in rural communities.

What will I learn?

Scenarios discussed in the course will vary based on local needs. Each community will submit to instructors desired topics based on difficult cases they have experienced locally.

Learning objectives include:

  • Demonstrate effective crisis resource management skills, including communication and team work;
  • Demonstrate an effective approach to, and management of, intraoperative emergencies and trauma and critical care resuscitation;
  • Treat patients presenting with rare or infrequent and time sensitive health issues;
  • Demonstrate proficiency using crucial equipment and medication; and
  • Identify and manage potential system issues.

Testimonials from Past Participants

"The feedback sessions were excellent. The instructors were great moderators, allowing participants to say what they needed to but also directive in covering the topic and drawing out answers to specific questions."

"Very good appreciation of rural OR oriented sims."

The most effective part of the course was "hands on cases using our own equipment and resources, working with our team and looking at ways to improve our own communication lines."

The most effective part of the course was "interdisciplinary team and course leaders who also work in small town ORs."

Interested in bringing The ESCAPE Course to your community?

Please contact for more information.

Course Flyer

Example Agenda

1000 Introductions
1015 Scenario A
1130 Lunch
1215 Scenario B
1330 Scenario C
1445 Wrap-Up
1500 Course ends


Development support for this program was provided by the Rural Coordination Centre of BC and the Rural Education Action Plan.

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