Hands-On Ultrasound Education Acute Care (HOUSE EM)

HOUSE has launched a Website!

Visit house.ubccpd.ca to learn about our rural POCUS courses, ultrasound resources for any level of knowledge, and learning opportunities for HOUSE alumni.

What is HOUSE EM?

Whether your rural community has 3 physicians or 16 physicians, this program will adapt to meet your learning needs. Select from a menu of ultrasound modules to customize a hands-on program using models and simulation equipment.

Who should attend the course?

Rural physicians.

What will I learn?

  • Classic and new indications for point-of-care ultrasound (POCUS).
  • Skills to empower your practice and stay on the cutting edge.
  • Applications to expedite diagnosis and treatment of urgent or life-threatening conditions.

Interested in bringing the HOUSE Program to your community?

Please contact Nicole Moon, Program Coordinator, for more information: cpd.house@ubc.ca; (604)-875-4111 (x24627).

Course Flyer

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