Sexual Health Forum: Online Journal Club & Practice-Based Dialogue

What is this Sexual Health Forum: Online Journal Club & Practice-Based Dialogue?

The Sexual Health Forum is a virtual community of practice - a place for clinicians to learn from and with each other, and to expand our knowledge, skills, and expertise in order to provide the best care for our patients in the realm of sexual health care.

It provides two main ways for you to engage with your colleagues:

  1. A Journal Club - made up of five five-week sessions starting on September 18, 2017 running to May 6, 2018 (up to 12.0 study credits).
  2. An ongoing practice-based Dialogue - where you can discuss anything relevant to sexual health and clinical practice with other members of this online forum. For example, you may:
    • Discuss case-based practice-inspired questions/experiences;
    • Seek colleagues' expertise and opinion;
    • Share clinical and patient education resources;
    • Consider new research;
    • Post other relevant CPD opportuinities; and
    • Initiate discussion on topics relevant to practice and professional development in sexual health and healthcare.

An online journal club is like a traditional journal club, with the added advantage to you of being able to participate at any time, from anywhere. Each session will include either a case study or academic article for review. At your leisure, you can go to the site from any computer (no login required) and submit your comments, participating in the general discussion. We will be using UBC Blogs, a user friendly interface. Once you are registered for the forum, we will send you the URL (weblink) of the journal club. Even though no username and password is required, the journal club will be a secured website only visible to journal club members that have been provided the URL; the site cannot be found through search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo Search, etc. Therefore your discussion will be private and will not be seen by anyone outside of the journal club group.

To obtain study credits, you are required to read and comment on each session, as well as complete a short quiz as evidence of participation. Each discussion topic and selected article will be available for discussion for a five week period. The moderator of the journal club will select the article for discussion, however the discussion topic will be chosen ahead of time by the participants. There will be a cycle of five discussion topics over the year.

What will be covered in this course?

This is a journal club in sexual health medicine. It is aimed at the general family physician (also relevant for Nurse Practitioners), and could cover all aspects of sexual health. The participants are both urban and rural from across the province. The moderators are physicians in rural and urban practice.

What is the time period of this course?

The series of topics will run over the fall 2017 to summer 2018. The first session starts in September 2017 and it is an introduction to the course platform and participants. Each of the subsequent topic sessions will run for five weeks. The following are start dates of the sessions:

SEP 18 Introductory Session begins
OCT 10 Session One begins
Nov 14 Session Two begins
Dec 18, 2017 - Jan 7, 2018: Winter Break (No Journal Club)
JAN 8 Session Three begins
FEB 13 Session Four begins
Mar 19, 2018 - Apr 2, 2018: Spring Break (No Journal Club)
APR 3 Session Five begins
MAY 6 Journal Club concludes

How do I participate in the course?

Once you register the course, you will receive a URL of the journal club website.  Upon putting the link into your web browser, you will see the current session activities and have access to the case studies/articles. As a member of this journal club, you participate in the course by responding to the moderators’ and other club members’ posts/comments, and adding your own posts. To encourage group discussion, ‘conversation starters’ will be assigned for each journal club session.

What CME credits will I receive?

You will receive 2.0 study credits for the course preparation session, which is based upon learning how to use the platform, and 2.0 study credits for each topic discussion cycle in which you participate. Thus you can achieve a total of 12.0 Mainpro+ study credits for taking part in the full series. Also, you can claim additional credit hours for documented further learning activities.

Do I need any prerequisite computer skills? What are the computer requirements?

Computer skills needed for this course are minimal, and include basic word processing, emailing, and using common web browsers such as Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Safari, etc. to search and view web pages. You will need a computer or hand held device that has internet access, and can open .pdf and .avi files. Any tech support you might need will be provided to you.

Who can access and view the journal club discussion?

The interface of the journal club is hosted and maintained by UBC Centre for Teaching, Learning and Technology (CTLT). It is a safe environment for your discussion. Even though you can directly open the website without login, the site will be only visible to the journal club members; it cannot be found through search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo Search, etc.

What is my time commitment to the course?

To get maximum benefit from the discussion, we suggest visiting the journal club site approximately twice a week.

Is there a course evaluation that I have to complete?

An evaluation of the journal club will be done at the end of the course, and a shorter one will be done midway through the series. All evaluations are anonymous and aggregate data will be reviewed for course improvement and possible publication.

What is the cost of the course?

$175.00 for physicians and complimentary for residents.

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