Travelling Courses

Rural CPD (RCPD) offers four travelling courses that are designed specifically with and for rural healthcare practitioners:

The Hands-On Ultrasound Education Obstetrics (HOUSE-OB) Course is a full day traveling course designed specifically for rural family physicians who provide obstetrical care to patients.

The Hands-On Ultrasound Education (HOUSE) Program delivers on-site learning directly to your community. Develop ultrasound skills to empower your practice and stay on the cutting edge.

The Shock Course is a one-day traveling course designed and taught by rural health care practitioners, who aim to equip rural health care teams with the skills to manage the hypotensive patient using tools commonly available in their local ER.

The Enhanced Simulation of Critical Care and Perioperative Emergencies (ESCAPE) Course is a one-day course that facilitates the learning of intraoperative emergency and resuscitation concepts for family practice anesthesiologists (FPAs), nurses, and teams.

The Rural BC Airway Mannequin Loan Program is a flexible, close-to-home, self-directed learning program that delivers airway mannequins and practice scenarios to rural BC physicians' doorsteps.

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