Registration Services

The UBC CPD Registration Service includes:

  • Accept and coordinate conference registrations
  • Assign the subsequent fees in a conference trust account and confirm registration to the conference delegate
  • Provide regular pre-conference reports outlining attendees and subtotals of any other information for which pre-registration tracking is desired
  • Registrations are processed in the UBC administrative system, with all revenues deposited to an exclusive course account.
  • Each registrant is issued a tax receipt as appropriate for their registration.
  • Registrations can be accepted via telephone, via fax, via mail or via the Internet. Some additional fees may apply for online registration.
  • All personal registration information collected on the registration forms is protected by the British Columbia Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act.

Please visit our external education page to see some of the groups for whom we are currently providing registration services.

To get a proposal for UBC CPD to provide registration services for your group, please contact:

Sandy McNeill
UBC CPD Registration and Conference Services Manager

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