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UBC CPD values storytelling, such as personal accounts from CPD staff, and physicians and patients from across British Colombia, as a powerful tool to empower continuous learning and practice improvement. How has UBC CPD affected you? email your story to Paige at paige.b@ubc.ca

"Finding ways to get more out of CPD”
Dr. Bruce Hobson, UBC CPD Consultant and Quality Improvement Lead

Nothing works the way it should the first time around. Whether it’s a new toy, a treatment for a patient, or even a CPD course. Continuing professional development has been like this for me as well. There are always gems in presentations. I gratefully snatch those pearls with the best of intentions. Handouts get properly filed right next to my desk. Electronic tid-bytes are put in folders like ‘Patient Handouts’ and ‘Articles to Read’. Unfortunately, all too often, it all comes to naught. Precious information just gathers dust.

Change comes slowly! I began thinking about implementing those pearls into my practice. CPD is more than just attending an event. It is about curiosity and understanding the evidence. It is about motivations and capacity to change. It is about finding ways to put learning into practice, reflect on success, and move forward. There is no ‘one size fits all’. I now work on CPD programs that aim to empower your practice improvement. 

I’ve marveled at how ThisChangedMyPractice.com brings human stories to life around one topic, allowing a story to be shared about something truly impactful. Being a TCMP editor allows me to critically review practice changing articles and help deliver meaningful information to our peers. 

I also love helping lead a shift in PSP Module development & delivery from large and intense modules to smaller, bite sized chunks that live in a real physician workflow. These new learning units are being developed collaboratively among many organizations, each bringing their own practical and clinically relevant material to the table. We are weaving knowledge threads together to make colourful and comfortable learning blankets that can be wrapped around the people in our practices. 

Principles of patient self-management support, team-based care & quality improvement are integrated in the learning units, along with clinical content, and will be supported to build and test real practice changes, one small step at a time. We are embedding content into EMRs for clinical decision support at the point of care. There will also be a library of learning choices, with practice information in dashboards, such as the Health Data Coalition tool, and a support network of coaches & mentors to add value and satisfaction to the work we do.

As I’ve refocused from clinical practice to a teaching and connecting role I have found that highly enjoy this work. I hope that curiosity never dies in all the wonderful physicians that I meet. I hope that physicians will learn together and in teams with other providers. I hope that all care providers will have a way to be supported in putting into practice what they learn so that they can grow, and that medicine can continue to improve and enriches lives.

"CPD and technology: a limitless collaboration”
Paige Blumer, UBC CPD Biomedical Visualization Specialist

I have always viewed medicine as a collection of stories. The amount 
of narratives in health-care are endless; from a patient’s experience in the clinic, to the way cells work together to keep us alive. It is my job, along with the eLearning team, to identify these stories and convey them to you in a way that is meaningful, concise, exciting, and effective at improving your practice. 

Digital learning has quickly skyrocketed and we are consistently working to be at the forefront of this surge. We evaluate the latest technologies to deliver education that suits your professional needs, as well as incorporates the voice of the patients you will likely be treating. 

We have recently teamed up with an innovation space @ UBC, the Hive, to increase our access to modern technologies. I am going to be using virtual & augmented reality equipment to make a Virtual Emergency Room Simulation possible. We are creating simulations with some of the most high stress situations physicians would need to practice. 

The Hive also offers online anatomical resources for physicians and a 3D printer for multi-sensory and tactile modes of learning. One of the best things about the Hive are the medical students who work there, future BC physicians who are driven and enthusiastic about creating media that propels their peers. 

UBC CPD uses storytelling coupled with thoughtful design to empower and support you. We provide a great selection of online tools such as blogs, online journals, online modules, and webinars to keep you connected to BC’s medical community and to each other. No matter where you are in BC, whether you are on the go in urban Vancouver or tucked away in a small rural town, we are tailoring our material so that you have everything you need to excel with confidence and I am so grateful to be a part of a team that brings that to you.

"Improving the wellness of rural BC and beyond through CPD"
Dilys Leung, PhD, Project Manager, Rural Continuing Professional Development

Beautiful British Columbia! I think about rural BC all the time. I contemplate, I wonder, I plan. Rural medicine comes with so many rewards, but also so many challenges. The best part of my job is working with the most exceptional people and meeting the most industrious health care professionals all over BC. 

In the three years that I have been with UBC CPD as a manager of our rural program, I have seen such tremendous growth in the Rural CPD portfolio as a result of the dedicated efforts of our funder, the Joint Standing Committee on Rural Issues, our partners, especially the Rural Coordination Centre of BC, and our amazing RCPD team. Our online and hands-on educational offerings have grown so much that we are reaching Ontario and Australia! We have collaborated with the Rural Ontario Medical Program to deliver our award-winning Hands-On Ultrasound Education Program in Collingwood, ON and we have partnered with the Australian College of Rural and Remote Medicine to create a rural edition of the award-winning This Changed My Practice.com to both the Australian and BC audiences. Imagine connecting all the rural physicians of the world! 

We have multiple online rural-specific offerings, such as the Online Journal Clubs and Videoconference Rounds, and we have grown our in-person CPD that builds relationships amongst colleagues for professional growth, such as the Rural Physician Mentoring Program and the five streams of the Clinical Coaching for Excellence Program. We have a strong research team at UBC CPD that helps us develop local strategies for communities where we deliver education based on the unique needs. Our travelling courses are always customized for the specific requirements and resources of the community. Our programs have received national and international recognition for their excellence, but that is not why we do this work. We do it for the constant dream of improving everyone’s wellness, yours and your patients’.

Please take a look at our RCPD offerings and invite us to your community so we can grow rural CPD together. I hope to continue this extraordinary work to empower continuous learning and practice improvement. We are here to listen. Tell us how you envision the future of rural medicine! More info: ubccpd.ca/rural.

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