UBC CPD Strategic Plan

Empowering continuous learning and practice improvement. – Our Why Statement

Thank you for your interest in our Strategic Plan, 2017-2022!

The Division of Continuing Professional Development (UBC CPD) is an academic unit within the Faculty of Medicine at the University of British Columbia. UBC CPD is an integral part of the medical education continuum of health professionals in the Faculty of Medicine. UBC CPD’s strategic plan reflects our organization’s collective desire to challenge the status quo and move beyond the traditional paradigm of Continuing Professional Development. Health professionals are constantly adapting and evolving with changing patient populations, new technologies, and updated models of care, and so too must we remain innovative and nimble, to best adapt and evolve to meet the needs of our learners.

To provide the best support to health professionals, whether they are physicians, midwives, physiotherapists, or others, we are continuously looking ahead – anticipating and identifying needs, forging new partnerships, and facilitating the translation of new scientific discoveries to the front lines of practice and patient care. Our priority is to be responsive to the unique and varied learning needs of the health professional, to seek grassroots input, to build relationships and to offer transformative education that addresses the complexities of providing care. It is part of our social contract with society particularly with respect to the health of British Columbians. Our cause and our purpose, our “why” as an organization, drives and inspires our team at UBC CPD to empower health professionals to provide better health care and improve patient outcomes. In this way, CPD can be one of the most powerful influences in the health system. We hope that you find UBC CPD’s Strategic Plan informative and we welcome any feedback.

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The Leadership Team at UBC CPD:
Dr. Brenna Lynn, Associate Dean, UBC CPD
Dr. Bob Bluman, Executive Medical Director, UBC CPD
Andrea Keesey, Director, UBC CPD

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Strategic Plan Posters

Strategic Plan Posters

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