Coaching for Excellence - Resources



Welcome to the resources page for the Coaching for Excellence in the Operating Room program. 

Below you will find information to help you along your coaching journey. 

  • Coaching and Mentoring Program resources: UBC CPD currently hosts the online Coaching and Mentoring Program for rural physicians which includes many helpful resources on coaching and mentoring skills. While this is a different program from the one you are enrolled in, we recommend checking out their website, videos, tools, and resources which may help you in completion of this program. A log in is required, but it is free and available for anyone.
  • Coach training session: access the recording from this program's coach training session below. 


Training Session Recording


Practice Activity

In order to practice applying the skills learned from the training session, please view the following video of an individual's attempt at parallel parking. Content Warning: this video contains some expressive language. [Watch the video]

As you observe the scenario, consider the following questions from the perspective of a coach:

  • What went well in this scenario?
  • What didn’t go well in this scenario?
  • How would you do things differently? 
  • What would you say to the people involved if you were coaching them to improve their performance? 



Additional tools and resources will be linked here.