Tandi Wilkinson, MD, CCFP-EM

Tandi Wilkinson is from rural BC, and attended UBC Medical School, subsequently obtaining her CCFP from UBC as well. After graduation she worked for a number of years in Hazelton, a primarily First Nation's community in northern BC, providing full spectrum family practice care. She was also involved in family medicine resident teaching as a clinical instructor.  She worked in the private health care system in Australia and has worked in many rural communities in BC, before resettling in Nelson BC. In 2006 she received her Special Competency in Emergency Medicine (CCFP - EM) designation and switched to full time emergency medicine. She became a certified independent ultrasound practitioner in 2007, and is passionate about the value of bedside ultrasound in health care. In 2012 she relocated to a houseboat in Yellowknife, and currently works in the ER there, as well as providing care to remote Arctic communities through travelling clinics.

Tandi has an enthusiasm for CME and has served as a medical director for the Rural CPD program from 2010-2013. She currently remains involved in the program as an associate medical director. During her leadership, she co-developed and continues to act as a medical director and instructor for the RCPD Shock Course.  As well she led the development of the UBC CPD Point of Care Obstetrical Ultrasound Course. She continues to lead this program as its medical director and is also an instructor. Tandi is also a principal investigator on the UBC CPD Rural Emergency Medicine Needs Assessment. She developed the UBC Online Specialists Journal Club in Internal Medicine.

She has been active in rural CME planning for numerous conferences and organizations, including the annual St Pauls Emergency Medicine Conference, and the RCC Rural Emergency Continuum of Care Conference.  She is the northwest representative on the Society of Rural Physicians of Canada executive.  She is active as a presenter of CME at both national and provincial level conferences.  Her passions are rural emergency care and point of care ultrasound.  She also loves her first morning cup of coffee.

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